Execte News: Medal Of Honor Review 2010: Video Game Inferior To Call Of Duty

Execte News writeS: "Medal Of Honor comes out today, and fans are itching for a review so that they can get an idea of whether or not it is worth purchasing one of the hottest video game titles."

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DelbertGrady2898d ago

Bashing Medal of honor seems to be the new "it" thing on the interwebs.

deadreckoning6662897d ago

Or maybe its just that most of the people who've played it simply don't think very highly of it.

madjedi2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Or maybe too many people view the call of duty series as the gold standard in fps games.

And the rest of us, don't hold the cod series as high on the pedastool as most of the shooter heads out there.

"Or maybe its just that most of the people who've played it simply don't think very highly of it." Yeah barely 5 days after launch and most people have put enough time into both the sp and mp to determine that, sounds questionable this soon.

So why is everyone, expecting the 2nd moh game this gen to magically become a cod killer(asking for problems).

After a 3-4 yr absence vs the 7th cod game released this gen. And not being as critical to ea as the cod franchise is to activision's game portfolio, bad company is probably more important to ea.

AKS2896d ago

I personally think Bad Company 2 is the best of the bunch if you are looking at the Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty franchises. BC2 was better than MW2, and that's WHILE INFINITY WARD WAS STILL INTACT. Now that Treyarch has taken over, I'm sticking to DICE (and Valve on PC) for online multiplayer shooters. Call of Duty was over for me when Infinity Ward's top brass were sacked.

tacosRcool2896d ago

Medal of Honor is inferior to Call of Duty because its NOT Call of Duty.

What a way to hate the game

VileAndVicious2897d ago

Its not a bad game by any means.

I find it hilarious the way so many sites are giving this game such mid range scores. A 6 Ign? Really? You rate movie tie ins like toy story 3 a 6. Medal of Honor deserves much better than that. Thats just ridiculous.

CODMW2 should have gotten much lower scores than it did for its short campaign and broken multiplayer. MOH deserves an 8 IMO.

AKA2896d ago

It fells like a war game, cod has lost that felling and know it fells like a James bond game.

If you are not buying MOH because of this BS reviews you are a loser, the game is great.

morganfell2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Agreed. CoD thinks it only matters if you are saving the world. MoH realizes the greatest acts of heroism have been those that mattered to a handful of lives, not millions. CoD is stuck in the the 24 mode.

Besides, if you want to see something inferior, look at this bashing article. Now I know it seems common place to attack the attackers, but seriously look at this piece. I have written notes to the cable guy or UPS delivery people that were longer and more informative.

snoopgg2896d ago

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer was a broken mess. The graphics were lackluster, and the story mode was short and underwhelming, yet it received its high reviews none the less. I immediately moved on to BadCompany 2 for my multiplayer wars. Medal of Honor has better graphics and takes skill to kill, rather then the over friendly nubed Call of Duty series. There, now I went off on Call of Duty.

leonlion2896d ago

activision has enough money to pay reviewers to give it low scores just like they paid reviewers to give mw2 high scores

JasonPC360PS3Wii2896d ago

I bet you believe Jesus was an alien bounty hunter from Venus.

you + MOH flop = butt and hurt

rdgneoz32896d ago

"As we all know, Christmas is that mystical time of year when the ghost of Jesus rises from the grave to feast on the flesh of the living! So we all sing Christmas Carols to lull him back to sleep. "

mrv3212896d ago

Where will all the major review sites get their money this Christmas? Call of Duty: Blacks Ops... what game is COMPETING with Black Ops? Medal of Honour. If a game gets good sales then these review sites will see repeat customers.

How many review sites with advertising will give Black Ops a 8/10 because of how inferior it is to Bad Company 2? Few is any.

Calm Down Sunshine2896d ago

Whilst Medal of Honor is short, it took 5 hours on the hardest difficulty, it's really rather good.

The section just after the cellphone explosion was one of the best gaming moments from this generation without a doubt.

And the fact that 90% of the characters have beards is an 8/10 on it's own.

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