Exclusive LBP 2 Footage, Netflix Going Premium on PS3 - Nick's Gaming View Episode #27

"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #27, Nick covers this week's latest news including the delay of Gran Turismo 5 and the upcoming additions to Halo: Reach. Nick also reviews Logitech's F540 Wireless Gaming Headset and provides you guys with exclusive LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta footage. This is Nick's Gaming View!"

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Nick2120042805d ago

As a participant in the LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta, I must say I am amazed by the amount of additions and improvements that I have already noticed.......and this is just the beta!

FAGOL2805d ago

I know right. It can easily be a full game at this stage. Mm are freakin awesome devs.

BrianG2804d ago

Agreed, I love the beta.

Pandemic2804d ago

Nick (The person talking) needs to try keep his hands still....

Nick2120042804d ago

I appreciate the feedback. I will be sure to work on this.

killajd2805d ago

From what Iv seen so far in videos Im amazed and its just a beta!!! As for Netflix its about time they went discless. I dont need that program or want it. The Internet is my ally there and I wont tell u why.

Mamajuana2804d ago

Are the levels shown made by the developers or players? That was pretty dam cool. The second level they showed with the green hamster tubes reminded me of a hamster I had growing up who fell out our apartment window and plunged to his death, true story.

Nick2120042804d ago

They were the single player levels, designed by the developers. At the time, the beta was having a hard time loading the online levels created by the players,

CountDracula2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Netflix is a premium exclusive now. lol at the "Free" PS3 online experience.

Pedobear Rocks2804d ago

Dont really know how to breath and think at the same time do you?

SilverSlug2804d ago

charging to play online.

Netflix being 'premium' is lame. Has Sony confirmed this? (I assume Premium = PS+)

SilverSlug2804d ago

Just saw the video. Says Premium as in 'better' and nothing about charging. Sony hasn't either.

So, as of right now, its FREE. Outside of the monthly Netflix bill.

downwardspiral2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

i think what they mean by "premium" is that certain netflix app is exclusive to the ps3 as of now (layout, 1080p and 5.1 sound etc). I'm sure it will be available of everyone for free.

Nick2120042804d ago

If more people would watch, read, or listen to the content before posting a comment, they would not be left confused.

xyn3dy2804d ago

See,justin bieber plays and rates video games/peripherals.

Multi-talented confirmed!

Redrum0592804d ago

i was just thinking that.
why is everyone on the internet going with that dumbass hairstyle.
i have yet to see someone in person wearing that hairstyle.

ontopic: i use the turtlebeach earforce-p21 gaming headset

pros: clear voice
great base (enjoying it for moh)
blocks out sound

cons: fat ass wire :(

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The story is too old to be commented.