First look at Borderlands: "I saw that giant vag**a mouth monster"

It's funny what can easily turn one on (and off) to an upcoming video game. In the case of Gearbox Studios' just announced Borderlands, it was Game Informer's teaser cover blurb that described the 4-player co-op shooter as "Diablo meets Mad Max" that whet Kotaku's nerd appetite. Gearbox themselves pitched the shooter as "Mad Max meets Indiana Jones."

Reality, however, leveled off Kotaku's expectations, as the game seems to be more accurately described as "Hellgate: London meets Firefly meets Pitch Black". That's the reality of it, a franchise step down that's very grounding. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Jesus. No. While Borderlands may not be a wet dream blend of two uber-franchise favorites, it still has plenty going for it-over 500,000 guns for example.

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ShiftyLookingCow4126d ago

I thought he was surprised to see the monster, instead its the opposite he saw it coming from a mile away

Mike Ox Big4126d ago

Im calling B.S. on the "over 500,000 guns" thing. I'll bet it will be maybe a hundred guns with different colors and attachments....if that.