Hollywood Chicago Review: Saga of ‘Alan Wake’ Concludes With ‘The Writer’

Hollywood writes: "Alan Wake’s continued nightmare is your gaming gain as the second installment of DLC for the Microsoft-exclusive title hit Xbox Live Arcade this week and we’ve endured the surreal episode and survived to give you the lowdown on what to expect."

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BeOneWithTheGun2861d ago

I am all for ambient games and love suspense filled action. I just got bored with this one. I stopped at that part where you are following that guy up into the woods to some "lover's point" and you have to use your flashlight as he shoots the enemy. I just got pissed cause I know I am supposed to be relying on a flashlight and stuff but it seemed forced, almost cheap way to make me die. I wasn't "scared" like in RE 1 and 2. Even in Dead Space I was scared shitless sometimes.