Batman: Arkham City Release Pushed Forward. March 2011? First AmazonUK, then and now ShopTo.Net! Yep, all three now listing a March release date for Batman: Arkham City in the UK. So the question is, could the game be sweeping in early?

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BryanBegins2746d ago

It would make sense. I never understood that the game almost looked finished but we had to wait one more year.

That would be a good news, I want this game!

Yi-Long2746d ago

... don't get me wrong, I LOVED AA and I can't wait to play Arkham City, but the developers said it would be fall 2011, and if it's now pushed forward, it could be that they have Square Enix breathing down their neck rushing them to release the game.

Which isn't a good thing.

TBH, I fear that a rushed release will mean the developers won't be able/allowed to deliver the quality they want for this game, which is bad for us. It could also mean that stuff that was intended to be in the game, stuff like co-iop and extra characters and challenge-rooms and whatever, might be either cut, or released later on as DLC that we'll have to pay extra for.

So no, I don't think this is necessarily 'good news'. I think this could actually be 'bad news'.

And this IS the 2011 release I looking forward to the most, so please understand I do really want to play this game as soon as possible, but not if it means what I fear it means.

Quagmire2745d ago

Agreed, as much as I wanna play this game, i dun wanna rush em. I would rather they take their time and polish any bugs/glitches b4 we get our filthy hands all over it.

Griefy2745d ago

It would be great if you kept up with the games development and were aware that Square Enix has no say in this matter at all. Rocksteady is now owned by Warner Bros., same for the team that makes Mortal Kombat.

milohighclub2745d ago

but the game is finished!!! rocksteady already said that!!! whats the point in sitting on a finished game for another year??

jbiz3202745d ago

Show me where the developers ever said that? theyve always pointed to an early 2011 release. you have no clue how far along they are with the game.. quit sprouting nonsense.

aCasualGamer2745d ago

As much as i would love to get my hands on this game as soon as possible, i have to agree with Yi-long.

The game is also my most anticipated one for 2011, along with an obvious Uncharted 3 announcement. But one of the things i loved about AA is that the sheer amount of details and extra challenges. These aren't possible if you're in restraint and pushed to the most stressful situation for a production.

Give them time to work with the game instead of having to stress this lovely team. The most unsatisfying news, though, is that there won't be any riddler challenges :( This was a big letdown for me. I loved the investigative type of extras like that in AA.

Hope they decide to add them anyways because of the extra time they get, one can only wish.

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Lucreto2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

They said the game was playable from start to end but they were adding polish. It might be a good idea. Next Christmas there will be Gears 3, Resistance 3, TLG and possibly Uncharted 3.

Warner Bros. is publishing the game.

Yi-Long2745d ago

... I think I somehow got it mixed up with the Tomb Raider license or something...

deadreckoning6662745d ago

Holy crap!! I hope this is true.

cygnuszero2745d ago

Looks almost finished huh? Thats weird, since they have yet to release a single gameplay video. Its not coming out til next fall, which has been confirmed by them many times.

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CountDracula2745d ago

They delayed it to make BOZO's TITS look more realistic.

GusBricker2745d ago

...if was trying to get away from the Gears 3 move.

MrBubble2745d ago

I miss a new tralier cause there is know way they havent shown gameplay and this is just coming out in march

cygnuszero2745d ago

Its not coming out in march. Thats a rumor.

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