Being Like Mike — and 'Nique, and Spud

Kotaku writes: "Fooling around in NBA 2K11, I picked the 1990 Atlanta Hawks for one reason: Dominique Wilkins. Sure, the Hawks had Moses Malone late in his career, but let's be honest. You play this team for the Human Highlight Reel.

Early in my matchup with the Minnesota Timberwolves - come on, I needed an easy side to dunk on - the Hawks shot off on the break after a miss and the ball ended up with my point guard. Spazzing on the controls, not yet really grasping the right-bumper/right stick command to leave it for ‘Nique on the trail, I figured I'd just take it in for the easy layup with the little guy, jamming on the trigger out of reflex."

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