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scar202899d ago

Wow are your serious it should at least be a 8/10 i know it has it's problems but the game hasn't even been out for a month and people bash at it like it's been out forever give it time.And im sure they will fix majority of its problems.

Weather2899d ago

So games should not be reviewed until they are patched to fix all problems? Why release the game then? This isn't a MMO, as soon as it releases, it should be reviewed so people know what they're getting themselves into

shysun2899d ago

Halo had most of those problems and they over looked them on most reviews. MOH is fun, it has problems but they DO NOT break the game. Hell look at the stuff that was wrong with MW2 multiplayer and look at the scores.

I rented MOH and I'm taken it back an then I'm going to buy it. It's better than the scores indicate. And some game are worse than score indicate....

TheHip142899d ago

It shouldn't have been shipped with all those issues though

gameseveryday2899d ago

six by 10. Thats a too low score I think.

TheHip142899d ago

gotta disagree lol, the online wasn't good at all

solar2899d ago

the online, which im sure when a publisher and developer says is a "MW2" killer, doesnt live up to expectation they put on the game deserves a crap score. the online was HORRIBLE.

Shackdaddy8362899d ago

They never actually said it was a MW2 killer. The fans said that.

DelbertGrady2899d ago

It's a mess. I loved BF BC 2 and played it to death but MOH's mp is just a crappy mess. Got it last thursday and I'm selling it this week. DICE should be ashamed.

solar2899d ago

it is a cramped, camptastic mess. like IGN said, it's a "shooting gallery".

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The story is too old to be commented.