RUSE Developer Talks Future Of RTS Game

RUSE Technical Director talks with BattleStrats

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xxxAnubisxxx2861d ago

Real shame Ubisoft let this game fail - it was a great RTS

MysticStrummer2861d ago

How did it fail? It wasn't released all that long ago. I'd rather they wait on DLC than announce it before the game even releases or soon after. When devs do that it makes you think you're paying extra for stuff that should have been on the disc to begin with. Sometimes it actually is on the disc to begin with and they sell it to you anyway, which really sucks.

StarScream4Ever2861d ago

At peak about 2000 people played the game, based on Steam data. I love the game, its not a fail, it simply needed a few post-touch up and new content.

ThanatosDMC2860d ago

It just need to be more competitive or whatever... it was too basic or easy for hardcore rts fans to put too much time into it. I'm one of those who bought it on Steam.

CoH and SC2 are still king in my list of great competitive rts.

JLesinski2861d ago

This game would be epic if anyone but Ubisoft released it

Proxy2860d ago

This game looked interesting from the very first time I saw it advertised on Steam. I was really excited about it for awhile - and by "awhile" I mean about 20 seconds while I looked over the Steam page. I saw the draconian DRM, closed the page, haven't though about the game since.

I don't have time to play the games I already have. No game is so special that I will put up with your DRM schemes Ubisoft.

yarbie10002861d ago

Biggest disappointment for me had to be the no 2v2 ranked with friends...I see no point in taking a leaderboard serious that you have to gamble on whether or not your partner is competent

lostinplace2861d ago

This game was fun, just wish it had more support

DTMBSquid2861d ago

I guess I am putting this game down - really thought they were going to support it better than this

xxxAnubisxxx2861d ago

Yeah i had my hopes....Endwar 2 anyone?

yarbie10002861d ago

Think your dreaming on Endwar 2

MysticStrummer2861d ago

I read that Endwar 2 was in development, but that was a while ago. I hope it still is.

Chubear2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Well Endwar did sell over 1.2mill so why not. Still to date I think the most well done RTS on consoles (I haven't experienced RUSE yet though)

Endwars and Battle for Middle Earth2 are the best and great examples of very entertaining console RTS experiences catered to the mindset of the console gamer.

Endwars2 should come out but it great to see quite a hand full of console RTSs out though but if they don't sell decent then RTS may cease for consoles and that would suck for me.

MysticStrummer2861d ago

It sounds like they will be releasing something but they don't want to say anything yet. Probably just new maps, but maybe some new operations also.

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