HG review - Sid Meier's Pirates!

HookedGamers writes: "I'm showing my age a bit here, but I played Pirates! on the Commodore 64 way back in the day. It was the first game that got me hooked on computer/video games. Sure, there had been other games that I had enjoyed, but the openness of Pirates! and the fact that no two games were alike drew me in. I spent countless hours of my childhood sailing the Caribbean in search of pieces of eight. I'm pretty sure my geographical knowledge of the Caribbean was better than anyone in my class at school. Who says computer games aren't educational? Even the huge manual wasn't just a 'how-to-play', but had plenty of interesting information regarding pirates of the era. When Sid Meier's Pirates! was remade back in 2004, it was one of few games that I'd ever pre-ordered. The chance to relive some gaming memories was just too great, and the game proved to be a worthy remake. Now, after six years, the game has finally been ported to the Nintendo Wii."

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