Playstation Move PS3 Starter Bundle sales climb amid $25 bonus

PunchJump: "Sales for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Move Starter Bundle for the Playstation 3 climbed this week at Inc. amid a $25 Bonus promotion.

This week, the Playstation Move Starter Bundle held a 57 percent increase to rank as the No. 14 best-selling product at Amazon’s Video Games division."

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btk2899d ago

Move is selling good enough. Whatever Pachter is saying (wrong most of the time).
Now bring on some more Move games. Cricket and Baseball is on my wishlist for Move.

happyface2898d ago

fire sale on MOVE already?

thats one way to unload MOVES I guess

I really don't think Sony ever expected this to be a big hit so I'm not sure why all the negative news?

Cyrus3652898d ago

How's it a fire sale, amazon offers these kind of deals on all products...They doing it for Kinect? Are they fire selling that too?

Boody-Bandit2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I guess Kinect is already having a fire sale and it hasn't even launched yet.

Then again Sony isn't selling themselves out by using Beiber to push their products to their core audience. I mean all know the Beib is as hardcore as it gets.

I can't believe MS only fans have the sheer audacity to mock Move at all with how MS is handling Kinect. An embarrassing shovelware device for a hardcore system. No shame at all.

Have fun with Skittles.

radphil2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

"Then again Sony isn't selling themselves out by using Beiber to push their products to their core audience."

That's what really disturbs me. The fact that they have to get celebrities, note here, celebrities to sell products. This goes to ANY COMPANY mind you. If they made their own characters/people for it and stuck with it as a marketing plan, that's different.

I do not like the idea of the following of "if this person has it/likes it, then it MUST be good" mentality. Honestly marketing should stop this in my opinion, but the general public will just eat it up, just like they do with everything else when connected to celebrities.

It like the same stuff how Black Ops has an Eminem song playing in the background, sponsored by Sprint, on one of the commercials. -_-

avengers19782898d ago

MOve sports championship DLC. Shuffle board, horse shoes, lawn darts, bad mitten, or something bring on more events.

capjacksparrow2898d ago

Has been in the top 20 on Amazon for a while now.

Bigpappy2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Amazon has a similar deal for Kinect.

slutface2898d ago

i love my move. cant wait for killzone 3

blackburn52898d ago

Looks like people were wrong. It seems that it is Move that will have 3 million by years end. Neener Neener Neener. Move's the stud and your a weiner :-)

cliffbo2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

well it's sold 1.5 million in Europe so ( even accounting for a slide in sales) i reckon it'll hit the 5 million mark by years end. Christmas shopping will start in earnest next month

Cratos87802898d ago

I am betting more than 3 million worldwide, Move sold 60,000 in italy alone


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