Medal of Honor: A More Relevant Call of Duty 4

It would be really sad if people used Medal of Honor’s orthodoxy to dismiss the fact that it is virtually the first military shooter that isn’t afraid to take place in the real world. Despite pretty much everything else about the game being identical the rest of the market, that one little detail still gives it a unique relevancy.

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CoreGamer2899d ago

"isn’t afraid to take place in the real world"
if it wasn't afraid to take place in the real world it wouldn't have changed the taliban's name.

lodossrage2898d ago

That had to do with sales. Retailers were planning on flat out not selling the game on their store shelves if they didn't change it.

If they were "afraid" to have it take place in the real world they would have never made the game in the real world in the first place.

wsoutlaw872898d ago

that was only on mp. They directly reference them in sp

El-Fenemeno12132898d ago

aren't they still called Taliban in story mode? I'm currently playing story slowly, just need clarification.

MrCrimson2898d ago

It's no big deal because you are killing taliban.

JRisky2898d ago

I'm yet to play this game but I don't think it's being treated fairly for the most part (in terms of the whole comparison thing). I'll post again when I have it.

theonlylolking2898d ago

This game is a lot like COD4 but it is a tiny bit better.

jeseth2898d ago

The Map size, layout, and spawning in MOH are terrible. Maps are too small, they are all basically square maps with no rhyme or reason, and spawning and spawn kills are a serious issue.

I have a love/hate relationship with this game right now.

muDD2898d ago

MOH started all of this and COD copied it.

But as with most things with EA, the company cared more about money than the quality of a product. This is the reason MOH feel.. But it was the first of its kind

Millah2898d ago

COD copied it? You do realize that Infinity Ward is made up of the former developers that created MOH Allied Assault, who left EA after that to form their own studio, right?

muDD2897d ago

u do realize that back in 1999 there was a game called Medal of Honor for the playstation, that was created 5 years before MOH allied assault. And this game was not created by the Infinity ward devs. Yes, MEDAL OF HONOR IS THE ORIGINAL and COD copied it. You probably did not know this and are new to the gamming scene. Us old school gamers know this though...

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The story is too old to be commented.