Weekly Analysis, 9 October 2010

"Overview – It is another strong week for debuts as 6 games debuted in the 50 this week. NBA 2K11 was this week’s top debut. FIFA ‘Soccer’ 11 remains at the top in its second week. Software sales are down week on week. Hardware sales are down week on week except for the Wii which is up slightly. Year on year hardware sales are down for every platform except the X360."

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trunkswd2898d ago

The PS3 saw adjustments this week, up around 500,000. Also the PS3 and X360 have been neck and neck for the last 3 weeks.

Droid Control2897d ago

But is it any closer to catching the Wii?


RageAgainstTheMShine2897d ago

just ignore these crap from vgcrapz