GT5 US Collector’s Edition Sold Out at Amazon, GameStop

When the Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition was first announced, Sony said “quantities will be limited”, but they didn’t go into details. It looks like they weren’t kidding, though, as two of arguably the most popular US gaming retailers- Amazon and GameStop – have both stopped taking pre-orders for this version of the game.

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postofficebuddy2896d ago

Thank god I preordered mine months ago. Have it all paid off too.

sdtarm2896d ago

I envy u D: but congrats

Redrum0592895d ago

same here

paid for in full

happyface2896d ago

When this game finally comes out can it get reviews as high as Forza 3?

AceofStaves2896d ago

Why would that matter? GT fans won't give a damn either way. Comparisons are important to fanboys.

trevonn952896d ago

u have 1 bubble anyways OT was that a joke?

trevonn952896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

u got hammerd with disagrees EDIT: how the fuck can you DISAGREE WHEN THE EVIDENCE IS FUCKING ABOVE!

N4Great2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

You can't compare scores from two differents consoles, it's more difficult to get 10 for the best hardware with best exclusives.

Boody-Bandit2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

gamers play games, not reviews or sales. We leave that to non gaming trolls seeking attention because their own lives are so shallow meaningless that they frequent sites like N4G in desperate need to fill that void. Sad really.

GT5 is going to be excellent regardless what any site rates it. I am of an opinion of one, my own. So I will kick back and wait patiently for GT5 to hit retail. When it's here I will go to the store, come home, strap myself in and play it until my hands bleed and eyes blur.

Narutone662895d ago

journalist is going to deduct point for the game because it has too much variety. Then have a pro FPS journalist review the game and said it's too hard driving any cars in the game, then he'll deduct more points since GT5 is too much like driving a real car and not arcadey.

Moentjers2895d ago

It wouldn't be fair to compare a PS3 title with a Wii title either.

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FishCake9T42896d ago

Yeah me to but i pre-ordered mine from the UK AMAZON. I was loving the email i recieved the other day saying my order has been delayed till later this year. Lol.

LiquifiedArt2896d ago

I already had mine preordered LOL.


karl2896d ago

good for u.. it kinda sucks for me though ... i was planning on getting this!...

TheLastGuardian2896d ago

Sounds like this game is going to sell well. I'm only getting the standard edition.

DigitalAnalog2896d ago

Along with the LBP: CE. Just in time before this happened.


-End statement

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acedoh2896d ago

I think the delay may actually be a boost to Gran Turismo since it seems to have attracted a lot more publicity that the game had been getting recently.

No FanS Land2896d ago

talk good or trash talk over a subject, but talk about it.

Either good or bad, every chance at publicity (especially free publicity) is a good opportunity. But damn!! I wanna play that game!

Anorexorcist2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

You snooze, you lose! That's the nature of the beast.

blasian2896d ago

damn I snoozed... I dun goofed.. I wanted those 5 extra cars to ;/

UltimateIdiot9112896d ago

Preorder it from Best Buy or Walmrt. Those are the only other retailer that will include a bonus.

GoldPS32896d ago

Ya'll can have the Collector’s Edition. I just want the game. I'll get mine from Best Buy on the day it comes out.

Evolve2896d ago

awesome, there we go!

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