New Video and Computer Game Releases for 10/17-10/23

It's hunting time! Whether your preference of prey involves tracking bears and wolves, post-apocalyptic ne'er-do-wells, the Jigsaw Killer, or even chocolate-chip snacks, this week offers an array of titles for a variety of tastes.

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Neckbear2901d ago

Also, I don't see Costume Quest on the list, but someone mentions it in the article. Perhaps it's only listing retail releases?

Also, I shall never understand how the hell people like games like New Vegas, that's pretty much Fallout 3 version 2.0...

Dnied2900d ago

That's why i like it. =)

helrazor3432900d ago

That's my reason for picking it up.

deserteaglexix2901d ago

I missed that one. Occasionally, the DLC dates are hard to procure.

theonlylolking2900d ago

Video and computer games are the same thing. Games that are on the PC are video games since it is on a video screen and its a game. Consoles are computers since they do computing.

Nihilism2900d ago

"Sesame Street: Cookie's Counting Carnival "

LOL day mf 1!

Modestmex2900d ago

Cool been waiting for Sesame Street Cookie's Counting Carnival!!