M2G Review: Medal of Honor

M2G Writes:

Medal of Honor Online is a fairly decent experience, the multi player still has a long way to go before it hits Call of Duty standards, but it does have some nice touches and certainly looks the part.

Where Medal of Honor really fails to shine is in its glitched-out single player campaign; characters standing still for no reason or getting stuck in the scenery is quite unacceptable, especially when this is a regular occurrence. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the campaign and think there is some pretty good, innovative ideas with it, but it could and should have been a lot better.

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lazysey2901d ago

You're giving EA too much credit.

duplissi2901d ago

says the guy with the black ops avatar....

jordypordy2901d ago

Pretty much agree with everything you say really.

gta_manic2901d ago

just need more content(guns, equipment, add-ons, skins, ect) to keep players into it.

jjank112901d ago

The game feels rushed in almost every area, especially the MP. Pretty much just an arcadey version of BC2.
This game was being sold as a bit more realistic experience and more tactical but it really does not feel that way.

GoldPS32901d ago

That's becuz you playing it like COD. MOH may look like COD but it don't play like it.

wotta2901d ago

The bugs really shouldn't be there though, its a pity really.

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