Amazing photos from Killzone 3 Beta

PlayStation Informer: "Here some amazing shots from the Killzone 3 Beta".

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ico922780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

define Glary ? but whatever it means these are off screen shots of a multi player beta

Edit: like i said off screen shots

HellsJanitor2780d ago

Lots of glare. Everything in the game looks relfective.

SexyPrawns2780d ago

Maybe because they're fighting on a ridiculous planet?

There are lightening storms like crazy.

Also, they're in the Alpha Centauri star system.

The Alpha Centauri is the brightest star known to man. Duh!

STONEY42780d ago

Or it's just because of HDR and Bloom?

BiggCMan2780d ago

i just dont know how dumb people can be. have you ever tried recording a video, or taking a picture of a television, with a camera phone or even a digital camera??? thats what happens!!! it glares, and becomes fuzzy.

-Ikon-2780d ago

All the trolls are out tonight. First its off screen. SECONDLY its MP footage SP looks even better..

TLDR; KZ3 MP looks better than your game!!

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xTrueLegendx2780d ago

cause their off-screen not scans

MNicholas2780d ago

The quality of lighting and shadows is unbelievable.

Perhaps it's the low res photos of a TV, but the level of detail, while much improved, still doesn't seem quite at the same level as Uncharted 2.

People easily forget how ridiculously detailed it was.

In overall technical performance, it's hard to compare. They've both got their strengths. While it's difficult to pick an obvious weakness in either.

ico922780d ago

the game looks alot more grittier, haunting/ hellish looking forward to this febuary

Dellis2780d ago

This is KZ2.5, you know damn well the graphics are lowered

for online.

You Noob2780d ago

It can be 2.5, it still pwn EVERYTHING.

STONEY42780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I actually felt I liked Killzone 2's graphics better online than in the single-player... for one, they don't have that stupid looking vignette on the corners on the screen, and they get rid of some of the terrible filters (mainly the color one) from the single player.

And to see what I'm referring to: every level in Killzone 2 has it's own 3 color filters from what I've noticed. They have one tone for far away, one for midrange, and one for extremely close up. I don't know what it is, but it looks bad. Just run up to a wall and see what I mean when it goes from purple, to red, to white for no apparent reason.

B00M2779d ago

I know what you mean, KZ2 online looks a lot better than KZ2 single player.

Hideo_Kojima2779d ago

its because Helghan is full of toxic colored fog.
As you get closer to a wall there is less fog between you and the objects and its begins to show its real color.

GoldPS32780d ago

And Halo Reach is Halo 2

talltony2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Have you ever seen kz2 mp??? The graphics in the sp are basically the same as the mp. It has the same amazing quality through out. Kz3 looks even better but I just know you guys will downplay them when it's released.

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alster232780d ago

is that a new pistol or just a new redesign of the helghan one?

ISKREEM2780d ago

It's the new "Shotgun Pistol". =)

alster232780d ago

serious?? :o thats pretty awesome. though i was expecting a machine pistol

ico922780d ago

they must got it off the pistole from Uncharted 2

jony_dols2780d ago

I hope they bring the ISA rocket launcher, with the laser pointer for
directing missiles back from KZ1 as well.

Oh and the silenced machine gun pistol!

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HOSe2780d ago

looks amazing for sure. a true fps experience.

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