Eternal Sonata: All 10 Playable Characters Revealed & Rendered

The names and images of all 10 playable characters in Eternal Sonata have been revealed at Endless Nocturne, a fan website. The characters are (in the order of their images as appeared below):
Viola, Polka, Jazz, Clave, Beat
Salsa, March, Falsetto, Chopin, Allegretto

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ThaGeNeCySt4104d ago

I'm in love with the artstyle... can't wait for this.

ParaDise_LosT4104d ago

the artstyle is great and I hear the gameplay is being praised too...
this is a def buy for me ^_^ i love JRPGs

ThaGeNeCySt4104d ago

the battles are a lot better than Blue Dragon's... I'm surprised you haven't played the demo yet