Molyneux: "Fable not limited to a trilogy"

Gamerzines writes: "Hype machine and Lionhead Studios founder, Peter Molyneux, has said that the Fable series is not limited to a trilogy story arc implying we could see more from the franchise in the future."

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Weather2687d ago

When final fantasy has 30 sequels and spin-offs

Moentjers2687d ago

you joined about 10h ago and then you state that 'nobody' complained about XII, XIII and XIV ? Dig the archive

Weather2687d ago

Anyway, nobody complains that they're way too many but Fable hints at more sequels and somebody makes jokes about fable 18 when FF has 2 dozen sequels and spin offs? God of war has 5 games

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Redempteur2687d ago

so what it's not a trilogy ..i don't care if the games are good .
that's what i'm asking first ...good game not the milking of a franchise ...

i don't like molyneux but at least fable has a chance to stay up to standards as long as molyneux stay with the project ...

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The story is too old to be commented.