Mass Effect PAX 2007 Stage Demo

GameSpot interview with bioware at PAX 2007.

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Radiomorph3950d ago

Looking very good indeed. Now I just have get a 360. :)

xCAPTSTONERB91x3950d ago

i thought vanguards could only use shotguns and pistols......but lately in demo vids ive seen them carry assualt and sniper rifles. so is it u can use them but they arent as strong or did they just have that for the demo?

crazyman3950d ago

I Think that they have said that you can use other weapons you just don't level up in them at all or just a lot slower.

So after a while, it would be fairly useless because your accuracy would improve in shot guns but you still wont be able to hit anything with assault rifle.

ShiftyLookingCow3950d ago

for this particular demo they added a lot of weapons that wasn't supposed to be there

ParaDise_LosT3950d ago

That looked way too cool.....almost made me forget all about Halo 3...
go bioware ^_^ make us proud

socomnick3950d ago

LeeeeeeeeEeeeeroooooooyyyyy JEeeeeeeeenkinssss

PS3Rebel3950d ago

looks like its gonna be one of those titles that have a max of 3-4 ppl on screen

no intense action - 2 much talking - and the guy still looks [email protected]

Kuest3950d ago

You DO know that Mass Effect allows you the ability to create your own charaacter. So that argument, or your "opinion", is pretty mute.

As for the intense action, fine. But than I would take it you aren't that much of an RPG fan.

iLemon3950d ago

i likes me's the games that have all the monsters i gots to kill.

Gil3950d ago

"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" Hope it doesn't put you into another "comma".

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