No data migration options for Halo Special Edition 360?

Get ready for some bad news guys. QJ received an email earlier from tipster JoJaSc and it might interest some of you who are interested in the Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition Console.

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Primal Rex4127d ago

just use a 64 mb or a 512 mb memory card transfer your saves from your old hard drive to memory card swap your hard drive with your new halo 3 themed hard drive and transfer your saves back to hard drive sure it will take a while and you wont be able to transfer anything large in size (say shivering isles add on being 900+ mb in but you can redownload things like that)but it should work at least in theory.

boi4127d ago (Edited 4126d ago )


anyways I ordered my 360 elite yesterday hehe plus Gears so im looking forward to it...and for this green version no Thanks lol

btw is the Elite wireless connection?

EDIT:*Chexd* Yep it help cheers :) bubble for u

Caxtus7504126d ago

wireless to what?

It can have wireless internet connection...but you have to buy that seperate, its an addon just like with the core and Premium.

does taht help?

Caxtus7504126d ago

its ok :) thankyou, and your welcome!