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Fable II (Xbox 360) Game Download Free

Slick Deals: Microsoft/Xbox Live is offering a free download of full version of Fable II game for Xbox 360. (Fable 2, Xbox 360)

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Troll_Police  +   1601d ago
Who's dumb enough to fall for this?
Lovable  +   1601d ago
It works.
-Alpha  +   1601d ago
Omg it's downloading! This is so awesome!!

Note to people:


Use that link once you sign in, otherwise they will charge you standard fee.

Note that there is another free game on XBL, though the name escapes me. It's a simple 2D side-scroller for those interested. Flow is also free on PSN while we're at it.

I love this! I needed an RPG and had nothing to play for my consoles.
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THE MAX SPEED 21   1601d ago | Trolling | show
darthv72  +   1601d ago
added it to my 360 queue
so when i get home i will dl it. I liked the free episode they offered before and was going to get the full game at some point. Now that point is now.

Excellent. (bill & ted style)

edit: it has to be the full game. The first ep was only 1+ gb. This one is 6.6gb.
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-Alpha  +   1601d ago
Edit: MS confirmed this to be fake, sorry guys
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T9X69  +   1601d ago
Honestly I think he's confused. When I downloaded it, it specifically says "Fable 2 FULL Game". When I downloaded the first episode months ago, it said Fable 2 episode one. Even the description for Fable 2 was the full game, on the episodes downloads, it says download episode one now and continue playing to unlock more episodes for purchase, or something like that.

EDIT: Also, episode 1 is only a 1-2GB download, not 7GB.
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frostypants  +   1601d ago
I'm on this like white on rice, but...WTF? Why is it free?
-Alpha  +   1601d ago
MS's twitter is saying it's only Episode 1. Others are saying they are collecting achievements and getting past episode 1. MS may be trying to persuade people to cancel their downloads, so I'm going to stick in and see what happens. Has to be a mistake that they are trying to cover up.
Takoulya  +   1601d ago
Works. This is Microsoft's strong point. Marketing. More people will get Fable 2 and will be wanting some more. Fable 3 comes out and gets killer sales. No matter how much you hate Microsoft, you have to admit that they have great advertising schemes.
nation120  +   1601d ago
u download the full game but only get to play the first chapter....u gotta pay to play the rest....like this is microsoft they never give out anything for free.
darthv72  +   1601d ago
can you verify this? I know that when they offered up episode 1 it wasnt a full 6.6gb download. Did you get this game and play up to where ep 1 would end and have it show you something to the extent that in order to play you had to pay?

Really, I am curious now.

I went back through my purchase history to when I got the free episode and it shows full game then too but it really amounted to around 2gb. Interesting...........
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theEx1Le  +   1601d ago
It is the full game, my completed save file works with this so its not just an episode!
Nevers  +   1601d ago
Omg... /facepalm
I just downloaded this (bought this) about 1month ago... I had bought it originally when it came out but then had a hankering for it... and $20 seemed like a deal... now I'm kicking myself.

t(-.-t) m$ (from me)

\(^o^)/ m$ (for others)

...Kix self again...
vulcanproject  +   1601d ago
Yup worked fine with my old save. First it didnt apply the update when logged online, but then i let it get to the main menu offline, then logged and and applied the update when asked worked fine after that :-)

Microsoft have clearly just cocked up and responded taking it down, attempting to convince people downloading it that it wasnt the real deal. Those that stuck it out, well done. From this small window of opportunity, you got yaself a free game lol
Spydiggity  +   1601d ago
i'm on the site now...
here's the msg i'm getting:

This item is not available for purchase from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web.
Chimerhazzard  +   1600d ago
@ Alpha
How is Flow free on PSN?

I can't find the free version of Flow anywhere :S
ISKREEM  +   1601d ago
What are you talking about? It's legit.

Once again, the benefits of actually having a hard drive.
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gamingdroid  +   1601d ago
If you don't have a hard drive you can still grab the game and download it later when you have a USB Drive or Hard Drive.

It's free!
Blaze929  +   1601d ago
it works!
Chug  +   1601d ago
It definitely works.
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   1601d ago
Nice TV :D
And it's downloading for me :)
niceguywii60  +   1601d ago
Downloading it now. And thanks *Merc_With_A_Mouth* when I tried the first time reading the first article about this the page on XBL was as if the deal wasn't there trying to get a credit card number.
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THE MAX SPEED 21  +   1601d ago

Blacktric  +   1601d ago
If this is not a joke or work of some hacker, I'm seriously happy right now. Hopefully, this and that 2400 points deal is a good sign of more things to come.
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No Way  +   1601d ago
@Blacktric -
Just curious.. what '2400 points deal?' Haha.
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Blacktric  +   1601d ago
I should've said 800 points deal I guess. You know the one that gives you back 800 points if you spend 2400 points on Live Marketplace?
Johnny Jiron  +   1601d ago
Ive been milking that Bing rewards thing for a few weeks now also. Getting 200ms points for every computer I sign up with a new account. Heh. Rounding 1000msp right now. Just gotta get a few friends who dont care for the points to do my bidding and sign up more accounts for me.

for anyone curious: https://ssl.bing.com/reward...
sign up using Firefox or IE as yer browser and you get 250 reward points. Redeem those points in the redemption center where they have 100msp. You can only make one purchase at a time so purchase 100 then purchase another 100. In a few weeks theyll send you the point codes. Repeat process with a different computer.
Im sure someone knows how to get around this and use a single computer, but Im not that smart.I have 3 coms in my house so thats 600msps right there plus the computers at my girlfriends.
And any friend I can get to do so for me as well. Plus some legit uses got me another 100 reward points by just using there toolbar :P
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COINTELPRO  +   1601d ago
My 360 got a virus and RROD. Download at your own risk or alternatively download Steam and get lots of free games weekly thanks to Valve. PC gaming is the best.
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lolzers  +   1601d ago
As much as I'd love to download Fable II for free on Steam, it's not available dude.
Blacktric  +   1601d ago
Well COINTELPRO, it's your own opinion and I respect that, but for most of us, console gaming is better. Not because we got the best graphics, sound, upgradable components etc. It's because it's simple and fun. On topic; I seriously can't believe this. It's just pure win for us gamers. BTW there's none of that region/IP locking crap for Fable II. So, if you are living in a non-supported country like me, you can download the game without having a problem.
SantistaUSA  +   1601d ago
I'm downloading, it says item already purchased! That's weird, they better not charge me anything for it! But if it is really free....THANK YOU! :D
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   1601d ago
Question is
Who's dumb enough to troll a free game?
PS360fanboy  +   1601d ago
I am! And it's working!
Gam3s4lif3  +   1601d ago
ur an idiot
gamingdroid  +   1601d ago
It's free, there is nothing to fall for.

Perhaps you should report yourself, Troll!
Garrus_Vakarian  +   1601d ago
Pfft, please.
What is there to lose?

A little bit of you time, that's all.
_IFRIT_   1601d ago | Spam
MRJENKINS  +   1601d ago
OMG i bought fable 2 today!!!!! WTFFFFFF
vhero  +   1600d ago
Erm doesn't work you get

This item is not available for purchase from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web.
So I reckon they stopped it OR as usual you fanboys are going along with this crap to try make your console look better which if you need to do that your sad but it wouldn't be the first time.. Either way it's dead now so don't bother..
secksi-killer  +   1600d ago
lol just no
vhero give it up. there must be a "i love sony" thread for you somewhere
vhero  +   1600d ago
Erm say what now?? It doesn't work you tool! try the link yourself you get that error message. You think I just made that crap up?? Who is the fanboy here?? Hmmm.. I think thats easy to see as it's obviously not me.. I lost 2 bubbles so far for attacking fanboys as your all lowlifes and N4G mods need to get off there a$$3$ and do something about you people.
reckoner  +   1600d ago
Do you not see everyone's comments saying it worked?
Why do you automatically assume that this is a "fanboy" attempt? And why does it bother you so much that this game was released for free for a short period of time?
gamingdroid  +   1600d ago
Because vhero is a fanboy himself and when looking through his fanboy goggles it appears that any positive Xbox 360 news is concocted by the opposition!

By the way, I can confirm it worked for me and it was the entire game without the premium DLC.
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codyodiodi  +   1600d ago
The best part about this is it is on the front page of N4G.
I guess the Admins should pay attention to there website.
ArtsyGamer  +   1601d ago
Seemed to work for me... don't know how or why though.
Desz  +   1601d ago
It works
Part of their give back program before the price goes up.
mcmmaster  +   1601d ago
doesn't work for UK, even if you have a USA account, it won't work in the UK, i just tried it
EDIT- UPDATE, it does work for UK residents, hurry up and get it before it goes off
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ionicmoose  +   1601d ago
How did you get it to work for UK? I changed the en-US in the link to en-GB and it seemed to work, but when I click download it says I need the latest update even though I have it. Something to do with being in the new dashboard program thing?
mcmmaster  +   1601d ago
i did it by changing the xbox website to the usa one, clicked international and clicked usa, then i signed in as my Uk account, then i typed in fable 2 and it was there for free, but microsoft fixed it now,doesn't work anymore, lets just hope they dont delete it from my download list
LordMarius  +   1601d ago
Downloading, free is free
No Way  +   1601d ago
@ LordMarius -
Not to mention, it's a good game.
ddurand1  +   1601d ago
this is actually a nice marketing move for ms with fable 3 around the corner.
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joydestroy  +   1601d ago
yup i agree! played it already but you can't pass on a free full game!
No Way  +   1601d ago
@joydestroy -
Exactly! I own the game, but downloading anyway!
If anything, it's a good backup, if anything happens to the disc.
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Capdastaro  +   1601d ago
Just went on site clicked on add to queue, turned on my xbox and...

Related video
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1601d ago
No Way  +   1601d ago
@Capdastaro -
Uh.. right.
ZombieAssassin  +   1601d ago
Does this include the DLC?
EscoBlades  +   1601d ago
The DLC is also free. Might as well grab that too.
Eiffel  +   1601d ago
DLC has either Premium and Free.

I just checked. The Premium DLC is still charged.
EscoBlades  +   1601d ago
http://tinyurl.com/cf8m66 - DLC is Free!

http://tinyurl.com/2vveaop - DLC is also Free!
ZombieAssassin  +   1601d ago
Those have always been free, they are just so you can play co-op with other people that have the "premium" versions.

You can tell the difference because after it says See the Future it'll either say (free) or (premium) after them.
blue7xx7  +   1601d ago
It doesn't work I tried downloading the DLC "See the Future" and it said I was downloading the full 500 MB DLC and when I go play it. It tells me I have to pay for it I did get free items though just for downloading it.

I haven't tried downloading the full game since I already have it so who knows if that works. There was a patch for Fable 2 that I had to download so maybe they have already blocked it/Patched it.
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ZombieAssassin  +   1601d ago
how do you get the free dlc
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   1601d ago
Im tryna figure it out aswell!!!
n4f  +   1601d ago
esco bladehas already post it im downloading the dlc has well
i only feel bad for those that brought the game
#9.2.2 (Edited 1601d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
KaBaW  +   1601d ago
Those aren't the 'real' dlc content.
There's a 'free' and a 'premium' content.
The free version, which EscoBlades showed, is only for co-op.
Meaning it only lets you play with someone who has the premium.
n4f  +   1601d ago
thx for enlighten me
NoOoB101  +   1601d ago
Wow..I didn't think it would work haha.
It really downloaded. That's really sweet. haha.
KillerPwned  +   1601d ago
I already got it with all the DLC for $20 i am good. Great find tho got me pumped for a bit at first i thought it was for PC but then i remembered only the first fable was on PC.
SexyPrawns  +   1601d ago

It's not the full game!

It's a trick!

This promotion has been going for months. How have you guys missed this?

It says "Download the full game of Fable II for free!"

It downloads the full game, but you really only get to play the first chapter before it makes you pay for more chapters.

I'm serious.
T9X69  +   1601d ago
Um no, for that you only download the first chapter which is something like 1.2GB, not 6.5GB. When you log into your account and hit add to queue, it says "Fable 2 Full Game". The chapters part was awhile ago, and as mentioned before, you only download 1.2GB or so of the game, and when you reach a certain point, it ask you to download the rest of the game if you wish to play. Trust me, I tried it when I sold Fable 2, but now that I just got the full game for free, it's all gooood.
SexyPrawns  +   1601d ago
Are you absolutely SURE?
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   1601d ago
forreal? :( ???

why 7gb ?
borisfett  +   1600d ago
This is not the episodic content. That was 1.2 gigs in size.

I downloaded it, loaded up my end game save, and it worked just fine.
Convas  +   1601d ago
LOL ... well ... I'm getting Fable 3 for free ... and I hear that Doll catcher achievement is a pain in the ass, so I'mma pass. But Kudos to MS for giving back to the community!
#13 (Edited 1601d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
n to the b  +   1601d ago
"Doll catcher achievement is a pain in the ass"
someone must be a pokeaddict or something to have created that lame-o achievement. and there's also 50 more pts I'll never get that require buying Pub Games in arcade. come on molyneux, don't F with my completionist whoring tendencies!
Convas  +   1601d ago
Ahhh, screw it, I'm downloading the game :3
0oAngeluso0  +   1601d ago
It works.
Full game and DLC free! Thanks Microsoft!
lelo2play  +   1601d ago
Well this is surprising... a free game from Microsoft.

Go get the game... Fable 2 is a great game.
Rampaged Death  +   1601d ago
Some people are getting charged now but some aren't so if you do have a card attached to your account I would remove it.
iMad  +   1601d ago
Total bullshit
Sonyfanboys trying to downplay even this

You wil get KZ2 soon :)
KaBaW  +   1601d ago
@Rampaged Death
Even if what you are saying is real..
That's why you follow the instructions.
iMad  +   1601d ago
it was my first RPG ever:) and it was OK 8/10.

nice yellow flower fields :)
Roper316  +   1601d ago
MS and free in the same sentence? WOW! Nice job MS hopefully you will do more of the same in the future.
KaBaW  +   1601d ago
One can hope. But, still Fable 2 is an awesome game.
So, as far as I'm concerned.. it's all good.
#18.1 (Edited 1601d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Shoko  +   1601d ago
I don't get it. I followed the steps, but nothing is downloading on my 360. Why couldn't they just have it so we can download it off of XBL on our Xboxs? Getting on our computers shouldn't be required.
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   1601d ago
stop cryingggg it's a free game dude. Just get with the program and go through the link they gave you.
Shoko  +   1601d ago
"go through the link they gave you." - You

"I followed the steps, but nothing is downloading on my 360." - Me

vickers500  +   1601d ago
Go to your account management or whatever and check your download history. It will be in the history, and you can just re download it. Same thing happened to me so I went and did that and it worked.
Kalowest  +   1601d ago
Its not DLing for me either.
vickers500  +   1601d ago
Do what I told Shoko to do:

Go to your account management or whatever and check your download history. It will be in the history, and you can just re download it. Same thing happened to me so I went and did that and it worked.
-Alpha  +   1601d ago
Use the link I gave above, it wont let me re-post as it is considered spam
MAG_SVER  +   1601d ago
It doen't work
He is not lying, I'm getting the same BS.. & plus MS said it's not the full game.

Yes I own a 360 too, GT-Maytr1x.. It doesn't work!!!

I get this:


This item is not available for purchase from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web.

I wasn't even trying to purchase it, all I did was click on "Download to Xbox 360"


#19.3.1 (Edited 1601d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
blue7xx7  +   1601d ago
Because it's probably a mistake and will be taken off soon. Why complain it's not hard to follow the steps.
KaBaW  +   1601d ago
Did you sign in to your account on xbox.com? o.O

Unless you blowin smoke out your ass, that's the only thing I'd think stopping it.
Cajun Chicken  +   1601d ago
I can't help but take advantage. I can't stand the series myself, but I know a few friends who will revel in this.

Will report what happens my end.
#20 (Edited 1601d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Paradise Lost  +   1601d ago
Horrible game, but i'll download it anyway since it's free.
whitesoxfalife  +   1601d ago
well im downloadn it right now it shows the download status on my 360....... and yes u have to do it from the pc u will not be able to do this from the 360
Neo Nugget  +   1601d ago
I got the CE a while ago and stopped playing it when my xbox RRoD'd :(

I should get back into it.
cellypower  +   1601d ago
I had to make room on my 20gig but free is free.
Hades1337  +   1601d ago
I'm downloading it, but I'm honestly not expecting it to be the full game. The quickest way of telling is whether you unlock achievements or not.
GoldPS3  +   1601d ago
I wouldn't download becuz it doesn't say free on this link. It says $19.99.


Must be a glitch in the system. I don't believe MS will give a game like this away for free. If it's free then congrats to you 360 owners.
#26 (Edited 1601d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Paradise Lost   1601d ago | Bad language | show
BigKev45  +   1601d ago
It's free dude. Downloading now.
cellypower  +   1601d ago
too good to be true http://twitter.com/#!/XboxS... its only Episode 1
#26.3 (Edited 1601d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
GoldPS3  +   1601d ago
I knew it lol. Well free is free so enjoy episode 1.
#26.3.1 (Edited 1601d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report
KaBaW  +   1601d ago
That's odd, when I go here : http://marketplace.xbox.com...
It says free, but your link tells me $19.99. lol.
#26.4 (Edited 1601d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BigKev45  +   1601d ago
Free is free.
theEx1Le  +   1601d ago
Got it :), free is free so cannot complain.
actual_gamer  +   1601d ago
Im at 41% and anxiously watching as it gets higher! Please work!!
Trey4Lyfe  +   1601d ago
hopefully someone can confirm it's the FULL game. I'm hearing it may not be.
nation120  +   1601d ago
nah mate only first chapter....u download the whole thing but if u wanna play the rest u gotta pay for it!
EscoBlades  +   1601d ago
Yeah, had a few people confirm that just now to me as well.
criticalkare  +   1601d ago
I hope i don't get perma banned :P
mcmmaster  +   1601d ago
yeah i'm wondering the same thing, my download is finishing now and i'm kind of getting worried if i'm going to get banned or charged for this
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