Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Will Be Free Download For PSN

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will apparently be a free download on the PlayStation Network when it is released. According to Yamauchi in a Gamespot Hands on, the game will be released as a free experience on the PSN later this year.

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MK_Red3761d ago

Wow, They are giving a best seller (Even the prologue) for free!? That would be a real treat.

drunkpandas3761d ago

Yeah I fully expected to be paying $20+ for this game.

MK_Red3761d ago

I was expecting a $40 or $30 price tag at the very least!
This could be one major advantage for PSN over Live. GT5 Prologue for free!!

hongthay3761d ago

From what they have been saying, offline racing will be 16 cars, online racing will be 12 in GT5 Prologue. It will be a beta of sorts for the online.

This is not 100% fact, but around 95% probability from what different Polyphony devs have been saying.

rareairtone3761d ago

just because of this post it makes me want my ps3 sooner than im going to buy it (waiting until nice price drop) just because of the value. sweeeet.

and i thought the orange box was a good value...

Fighter3761d ago

Once again another great find from MK_Red. You always get the good scoops even on a slow news day. Keep up the good work.

MK_Red3761d ago

Thanks, jsin007. I was a bit surprised myself, seeing this on sunday morning. Yay GT5!

gaffyh3761d ago

MK_Red won a Lifetime supply of caffeine tablets, that's why he never sleeps. :)

ALI-G3761d ago

Since when people have to pay for demoes ????

ShiftyLookingCow3761d ago

I dont get it, isn't GT5 Prologue like an extended demo for GT5 thats coming next year? why would anybody think they will be paying for it, paying $20/$40? Other than that, thanks to Polyphony for giving us Prologue this year. GT5 will be a must buy

Coffin873761d ago

thank you sony!
thank you sony!!
thank you SONY!!!!!!!!!1

Ri0tSquad3760d ago

GT5 Prologue is not a DEMO its a FULL GAME!!!!!!!! Phil said it like 100+ times.

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sonarus3761d ago

Agreed drunk pandas. I honestly can't wait to get my hands on this game. I am gonna buy the new logitech wheel as well jst so i can have two and i can race wheel to wheel with my friends

drunkpandas3761d ago

Yeah I'm tempted to go out and spend money on a wheel now since the game will be free.

Fisher3393761d ago

I guess the old saying is true after all lol.


I would no complain to pay 20 to 30 dollars for this game (the single "demo" has more cars than many racing games out there)... Just bring it on.

eXplotion3761d ago

We would have payed for it anyways... but free is always welcome :)

MK_Red3761d ago

Heck, even if it went on sale with full retail price ($60) it would still be the best racing choice for me. MotorStorm had way less cars and tracks and was worth it. Gran Turismo FTW.