Crytek talks New IP, Crysis to be a trilogy and Demo coming soon, Consoles and More

In an exclusive interview with Gamespot, the developers give new details on what Crytek is working on. He hints that, there is a pending announcement soon to be made which involves the unveiling of a new IP which might be possibly mutiplatform, Crysis demo....

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ps3FTW3706d ago

God i hope for Crysis comes to PS3 or 360.

BloodySinner3706d ago

The game will hit consoles eventually. After all, look who's publishing the game to begin with. :-P

Time Lord3706d ago

It says NEW IP. so it cant be Crysis.

SonyFANBOY3706d ago

Crysis to Playstation 3. AWESOME!!

Ri0tSquad3706d ago

He strongly hinted that Ps3 or 360 is not getting crysis because of its out dated low ram. :(

m91058263706d ago

The last thing the PS3 has is "outdated" RAM. XDR is cutting edge as far as memory goes. And remember... consoles DO NOT need as much RAM as PCs do.

ofx3603705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

theres gonna be some major downgrades if it come to the consoles

m91058263704d ago

Let's be honest... there's going to be massive downgrades from what we've seen so far on most PCs too...

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Why_So_Serious3706d ago

nice maybe by the time the 3rd one comes out i'll have a pc powerful enough to play the 1st one

riqued3706d ago

They already said they were doing something for the ps3, I hope it's a port!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3706d ago

Hopefully they say something about what the other thing they are doing is I really want to know.

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The story is too old to be commented.