Destructoid? Biased? F*** y'all, then

Dick McVengeance, the Features Editor of Destructoid writes this on his blog:

"Really, I'm starting to get sick of seeing people saying that we're giving games a 10/10 just because they sponsor us. This is especially after reading some of the comments in Orcist's Mass Effect post.

Really, it's sad that some people think that Destructoid would be swayed by money. We don't see any of that money that comes from the banners. That only pays for travel to events and server costs. With BioShock, Aaron paid for his own copy of the game. You would think that 2K would at least send us a copy if we were going to give it a boosted score. I mean, hell, it's not like every other site hasn't."

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marionz3981d ago

what a psycho, whats a crap site!

kevoncox3981d ago

My issue with their comments was the part they didn't like. What was it. Why didn't they like it? Seems to me that it looked like an advance rpg. The voice acting is excellent. Graphics excellent. My biddest complain is the running animation looks to feminine.

B3YOND3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Geez... being a so-called "featured editor", his language certainly seems to be lack polish and professionalism.

TnS3981d ago

He is writing this on his personal blog, not in the news section of the site.

Lord Anubis3981d ago

Destructoid is a Microsoft site in the same manner joystiq favors Microsoft. Perhaps some notice from the gametrailers interviews a while back but those two blog sites lick as much Microsoft arse to get free stuff. Kotaku is biased at times but they don't accept bribes.

TnS3981d ago

If they are biased why haven't they praised Mass Effect?

Lord Anubis3981d ago

They gotta be sour about something, something must've gone wrong. Perhaps they had to pay to get to PAX and as such decided to take it against them.

razer3981d ago

Ridiculous to even assume that.. I've seen them bash MS and praise Sony..

It's a shame you can't sue people on the internet for slander..

Kokoro3981d ago

think they are seemed on their lack of polish on their site. It may sound fun and loose. But there is a time to be professionals. And especially on a praised and anticipated game. When you talk bad about it, give reason on to why. the just pretty, stupid, lame and bland, does not tell enough as to why. And it just sounds unprofessional. Hope they learn for next time. Because they have taken a hit on credibility.

riqued3981d ago

Their credibility stays the same, they gave their opinion, they saw the game and weren't very impressed... But they even say they are going to talk more about gameplay when they play it..

Nothing wrong with that, it just scared every one that Mass Effect could be bad, and I hope it isn't because I want this game so bad. =(

Like a shadow I am3981d ago

He does not sound as articulate and professional as I thought a "feature editor" would be.

riqued3981d ago

Dude, its his personal blog, he can talk any way he wants to there...

razer3981d ago

Personal Blogs are not gaming news last time I checked..

I've never paid attention to this Destructoid site and will continue to do so.

riqued3981d ago

If they are from the editor of an website that just made polemic comments of a AAA title it is news.

Hatchetforce3981d ago

Razer, I agree with you on a lot of what you have expressed in this thread so far. But the fact is certain blogs are news sites. They oftentimes try to say they are not (joysliq) but when the time comes they act as any news site would act.

If they are 'just a blog site' and not press then the next time a press junket comes up they can forget about going. After all, they are just a blog. They can stop writing reviews and just give a general opinion. They are just a blog. And they can stop getting upset when they don't get a free preview or a free review copy because ...why? You guessed it, they are just a blog.

No, in the gaming world the line between a news sites and a blog site is so blurry it's been painted over.

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