Retailer: PS3 Deal Is Best On The Market

There's another perk to this upcoming weekend if you're not one of the lucky souls who get off on Monday - PS3 is going to be selling for a record low at a large retailer. For a mere £375, you can get a PS3, two games, Blu-Ray discs and an extra controller at Woolworths this weekend. You can't beat that kind of deal with a stick.

"We expect it to be a massive weekend for games and console sales", said Woolworths games buyer Alastair Burks.

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Zor4131d ago

Brace for impact man

reaperxciv4130d ago

This sorry arse site is full of NINTENDO & XBOX haters...

doomsonyman4131d ago

spending your money on something that will just crap out on you in 6 months time and is also the best choice if you want the most diverse game libary aswell, not just a bunch of shooters but hack and slash rpg's and racing games also

razer4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Brace for impact for the xbots.. and then when none come around you have an idiot like yourself who will say stupid worthless crap like this that will bring them out.. I think PS3tards ask for it..

You can't tell me your not asking for it with a childish comment like this.

B3YOND4131d ago

Retailers want to sell all those PS3 that have been taking up the shelf space -- they want to sell PS3.

Do you trust salesmen?

doshey4131d ago

no they want to sell the ps3 but they have space for just ps3 360 and stuff like that

s8anicslayer4131d ago

i can agree to that, being in retail sometimes when sales slow you need something to jumpstart some momentum

doomsonyman4131d ago

they do want to sell the ps3 but that does'nt mean that they arn't telling it like is is when they say the ps3 is the absoulute best deal on the market

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The story is too old to be commented.