The Top 10 Annoying Sonic Boss Battles

Meodia takes a look at the infuriating boss battles throughout the Sonic franchise. Including one from Sonic 5: Episode 1.

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mistajeff2442d ago

oh man, the labyrinth boss in sonic 1 caused so many 4-year-old /ragequits from me

tacosRcool2442d ago

Those where the times...

gumgum992442d ago

good times indeed. that labyrinth one gave me trouble too.

Dac2u2442d ago

The Labyrinth Zone gave me so much trouble at first when I was a kid. It's because throughout the rest of the game it's all about speed. When you get to that boss, you have to force yourself to slow down and take your time, once I learned that I was able to beat that level pretty easily.

Mahr2442d ago

"Including one from Sonic 5: Episode 1"

My god, they're already on Sonic 5.

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The story is too old to be commented.