Haze Exclusive Hands-on Preview - Multiplayer and Co-op, Nectar, fighting and more

The most detailed Haze hands on preview you will ever read. Bit tech previews the game's fighting mechanic, Hazing rituals, Nectar of the Gods, Multiplayer and co-op. During their hands on section the developers reconfirmed that, the game will be coming out this year for the PS3 and later on to PC. There was no mention of the Xbox 360 version in the entire seven pages of Hands on preview

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TriggerHappy3955d ago

I know the game is exclusive to the PS3 this year and arrives on the PC and 360 later. However, i find it interesting that, none of the preivews have said anything about the 360 version at all.

It would financially make sense for Ubisoft to release the game on all platforms but who knows what they are really planning.

The game is looking good btw.

ShiftyLookingCow3954d ago

I think they haven't decided yet, its likely that they are going to drop 360 version if it sells well on PS3 and/or there is too much competition for it on 360 in 2008(eg. GTA)

TriggerHappy3954d ago

Realistically speaking, the game has a better chance of been a success if released on the Ps3 and PC only, because the 360 is already croweded with fps.

The thing though is, Ubisoft is a "multiplatform" company, just like epic.

heroman7113954d ago


heroman7113954d ago

i only said that to piss off ali g.

( Hako 3 looks promising )

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AznSniper3954d ago

I hope they reveal that LucasArts/Free Radical project soon.

Demon19803954d ago

Definitely a must buy for me. The first time I heard of this game I was hooked. Can't wait till it comes out.

beavis4play3954d ago

but man, is this game looking great!

socomnick3954d ago

This game isnt news worthy its a run of mill shooter. Its no killzone , halo , or call of duty. Its a AA fps.

ShiftyLookingCow3954d ago

"its a run of mill shooter." we dont know that yet. For many it is a highly anticipated shooter

PS-Wii-603954d ago

It has two very distinct and opposite styles within it's gameplay, making it 2 games in one.
For that reason alone, claiming it is a "run of mill shooter" has absolutely NO basis.

"It's a AA fps"
Maybe you should reserve judgement until you have actually PLAYED the game =/

QuackPot3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )


Like all the Lair gameplay videos, there's been nothing that says, "Wow." Just the usual same old.

I'd say it'll be an okay shooter but nothing spectacular. Show us some better gameplay videos FR and prove me wrong.

Hane is nowhere near the same league of Battlefield:BC, CoD4, UT3, Killzone 2 and even my personal favourite, Halo 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.