Warner Bros. Invests In Game Development

One of the most interesting things about the move is that they are planning on taking back control of some of the licenses to be utilized to their game division. Specifically licenses like Superman, Batman, Harry Potter and The Sopranos. It'll be interesting to see how EA reacts as Harry Potter in particular has generated a lot of revenue for the company. With only two movies left, will the public really be interested in future adventures in the Potter universe. And can there ever be a decent Superman game? That's certainly a challenge that remains to be seen.

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ktchong4133d ago

Most likely Warner has decided to jump in and join the "casual" craps.

barom4133d ago

Anything is better than EA so thumbs up from me

gogators4133d ago

I sure hope that Warner knows what they are doing and yeh any one these days can do a better job than EA. Until EA quits trying to be everywhere and on everything crippling their resources, then they will continue producing the garbage that the have become known for.

JokesOnYou4133d ago

and I'm just hoping and praying for the day when someone will make a worthy AAA caliber Superman game= sh!t is that too much to ask? it shouldnt be that hard(easy for me to say) but seriously man=

a good story= check
hero with super powers= check
evil villians with super powers= check
huge fanbase= check

come on WB find a dev with talent and passion for Superman and make the Man of Steel worth his name!, hell why you're at it make the movie better next time.


gta_cb4133d ago

your pic just creeps me out lol