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Halo 3 Goes Gold

Halo 3 is now 100% complete. Bungie employee Frank O'Connor was spotted playing the final retail build of Halo 3 today suggesting the game has now gone gold exactly one month before release.

Halo 3 will be available in the USA on September 25th and September 26th for Europe. (Halo 3, Xbox 360)

Credit url: live.xbox.com
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4542125  +   2967d ago
Please change the release date to a date earlier, 360 owners are getting hungry. ;)
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ALI-G  +   2967d ago

i swear every day pass i just get more hungry for halo action

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ---

EDIT:there is some (NO-GAME-STATION-3) trolls in this thread @14/@15 SPAM them,i just did
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TriggerHappy  +   2967d ago
I find it ironic that you have Ken as your avatar and you are anticipating Halo 3, is just funny..:)

But I absolutely agree with you there.
psycho360  +   2967d ago
Come on man. Bioshock and COD4 beta should more than cover this interim period. Be grateful that we have all these great games on our console.
MoonDust  +   2967d ago
I don't know.
COD4 beta got real repetitive to me, i'm already bored with it.
jujunogo  +   2967d ago
360 games i want halo 3 and uuugh???
i own a 360 and a ps3 and after microsoft drops halo 3 on us there is nothing left for the 360's future !!what mass effect its problems are starting to pop up fable 2 like 2009 i guess after i get tired halo 3 its time for me to box up the 360 and use the ps3 for 08 till it melts
Bloodmask  +   2967d ago
is the epitomy of what a great FPS shooter and online multiplayer experience should be.

Best fun factor and the best party system. All other console FPS need not apply come Sept.25th.

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reaperxciv  +   2966d ago
I can't believe the
amount of WII and XBOX haters in this site.

anyways, HALO3 & bioshock are true AAA hits for the x360
x fubar 69  +   2967d ago
Halo hunger
I want it now.
rubarb23  +   2967d ago
MasterChief2829  +   2967d ago
I remember Halo 2 got leaked from the duplication plant >_> I wouldn't be surprised if the same happened with Halo 3 so beware of spoilers within 2 weeks from now.
gta_cb  +   2967d ago
jcgamer  +   2967d ago
Congrats to Bungie
looking forward to September 25th...good times
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FirstknighT  +   2967d ago
Oh man I feel like a kid in Christmas! This game is going to own all. GREAT TIMES for us 360 owners! :)

But again...be warned Halo players. If you see me on the opposite team with a sniper and BR. You better run and hide because a quick death you will see. ;)
PlayStation360  +   2967d ago
Don't worry...
I'll be right behind you with energy sword in hand. Stealth Kill medal coming my way bro. :P

But in all serious. I agree with you. The waiting is unbearable. I know when this comes out, us 360 owners will have no social lives outside XBL for awhile. Good times coming our way buddy.

Edit: vvv 29 days 20 hours and 56 minutes left as of this time. Hang in there bro.
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The Chief of Mjolnir  +   2967d ago
Don´t worry. Your gift is a gravity hammer to your face.

F*ck, I want it now! Real bad!
ParaDise_LosT  +   2967d ago
I'm Glad. ^_^
very excited
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   2967d ago
Ahhhh if it's ready just give it to me already.

You gigantic d'bags!

Don't make me find you and take your copy Bungie employee. Were that desperate for this game.

Good lord this game is going to be big.

I was in a small Mexican town on vacation a few weeks ago, and they were already advertising H3. When I saw that I was just like, 'wow, H3 is going to tear a hole in the universe with its greatness'.
Redrum  +   2967d ago
This game is going to be dope
jay3  +   2967d ago

I like it.
castdreams  +   2967d ago
(Sorry for screaming...)
FordGTGuy  +   2967d ago
It will be awesome if true
I remember hearing that Epsilon is over so I thought this was coming. Can't wait to get my hands on the actual game. Its Time To Kick Some Ass And Finish The Fight.
gEnKiE  +   2967d ago
good, im sick of hearing about it
FordGTGuy  +   2967d ago
Your so sick of it
that you would post in article about? Get a life man.
gEnKiE  +   2967d ago
so your telling me to get a life over a f***ing video game?? how stupid does that sound you moron? why dont you stop f***ing bill gates and see that theirs a world out their other than video games you fat f*** pos.
wolfgang  +   2967d ago
You are so sick of hearing about halo 3 that you click on halo 3 news and take the time not only to post a comment, but also to come back later and read the comments again so you can post a reply ? (4 post by you on this page already)

So then how much time do you spend on news related to game you are not sick of ? :)
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reaperxciv  +   2966d ago
he's sick...
sick in the HEAD
WaggleLOL   2967d ago | Spam
kngri  +   2967d ago
sept. 25 let the games begin, prepare yourself for a killing marathon this game is going to ruin our live. master chief ruleeeeeeesssssss
MoonDust  +   2967d ago
Thank you god.
I want to play this game before i go to the army! (Marines)
Edit: thanks. Im going to need it.
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jay3  +   2967d ago
Hey, my sister recently got into the British Army.

Good Luck, man!
AbyssGravelord  +   2967d ago
Wow you PS3tards disagree with him? Go to hell and have fun riding on sony's C0KC.

Oh and good luck at the Marines!
MoonDust  +   2967d ago
I don't care if they disagree.
It doesn't phase me.
Takanohana   2966d ago | Offensive
natsfan7  +   2966d ago
Go f**k your self your self. Dont bash someone beause they're willing to put their life on the line to protect and serve their (and likely your own) country. MoonDust, best of luck....and Takanohana, f**king kill your self.
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   2966d ago
You are seriously one disgusting example of a human. Give this man credit for doing what he's doing. I can't believe you'd say some fvcked up sh1t like that...really sick.

And then you bring in the anti-360 fanboy comment. But that doesn't even matter. What you said was really fvcked up. Wow. Just wow. I'm in disbelief that someone can actually be so fvcked up to another person. I can't believe you don't get straight up banned for saying that. Moreover, people should find you and break your legs at the least.

You really need to either apologize or go play chicken with a train.
reaperxciv  +   2966d ago
there are a lot of screwed up people in this site, WII & xbox haters
mikeslemonade  +   2967d ago
Dang... it takes one month to release a game that is finished.
asnstir  +   2967d ago
i wonder if the falcon project come out before halo 3 cuz i aint gonna buy another 360
DarkJedi  +   2967d ago
I guess I must be the only person on N4G who's really not that bothered about Halo? Thought the beta was boring, it needs to have one HELL of a single player campaign (30 hours minimum) before I'll even consider it tbh.

PS: To those that disagree, I'm just stating my opinion. I'm just not a halo fan and don't see why it's the biggest game on 360 or has this massive cult following. Please explain WHY you've disagree'd with me unless you're just trolling, kthx
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spikormikor13  +   2967d ago
Just play it on legendary, by yourself, using only melee attacks. You could probably stretch it to 30 hours or so.

And why do you care if people like Halo? It's a fun game. Everyone has this thing... What's it called? Oh, an opinion! Just like you!
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asnstir  +   2967d ago
It probaly not gonna be 30 hours cuz there only 9 level. So each level would have to be around 3 hours, but the online could be more than 30 hours.
snittolo  +   2967d ago
I'm in the same boat
I feel the same way about it. Not sure if I will buy it or not yet but since the gaming drought is over I will be playing something else for sure. Halo 1 was epic and will always be a classic to me but Halo2 just didn't do it for me, played co-op with a friend got maybe an hour or two into the campaign before we dropped it.

And the multiplayer seemed like any other style of die and respawn in 25 seconds for hours on end without any real tactics I stopped probably after 2 days because everyone using 2 SMGs was too easy to win with. (majority of people seemed to use it when I played)

But with Halo 3 I'm not seeing alot that will get me to buy it as of yet but just a graphics update (cartoonish) and a few added trinkets. But "shrug" it's the way I feel and I will accept the bubble loss from the fanboys.
Evoluti0n  +   2967d ago
30 hours?!
That's pretty ridiculous, to even assume it would be close to that is just moronic. You must be one of those fanboys in disguise.

So, which FPS are you playing that has 30 hours of gameplay?
DarkJedi  +   2966d ago
CoD2 on Veteran easily had 30 hours of gameplay.

I'm obviously not gonna get a sensible answer out of the dribbling fanboys here anyway, I'll just go back to Bioshock.
tomfoolery  +   2967d ago
let me break it down for ya..............screw Killzone 2,fvck Haze,
piss on Resistance,and grab a hold on the Master(chief,no pun intended)
of all FPS...........the one and only HALO 3.
To do less would be a short route to retardation.
But Sony only fans are almost there anyway.
riqued  +   2967d ago
Halo is far from being the greatest fps of all... Don't be blinded by your own fanboism...
MoonDust  +   2967d ago
/it's his opinion
To me it is the one of the best FPS, i haven't played any other game that keep me entertained for that long. Battlefield is also a great FPS.
psycho360  +   2967d ago
@moondust: I love the battlefield series on the PC. Startd with BF1942 and still going strong with BF2142 almost 5 years since i got hooked onto it. Unfortunately the console version wasn't so good but hoping Bad company will make it fun on consoles as well.
MoonDust  +   2967d ago
Yes, bad company looks nice
Hopefully i will be able to play it in the future.
psycho360  +   2967d ago
Halo3....What can I say, one FPS to rule all fps'
Expecting mass defection of game challenged console owners ;)

EDIT: @beavis
MGS4 is a 3rd person (with newly added fps mode as an afterthought) and stealth type game more a kin to splinter cell. Whereas H3 is run and gun kind of game like Battlefield and Quake Arena games on Pc.

KZ2, sorry to say lacks any color from what i've seen in the vids and the prequel wasn't a hit so we have to waaaaiiit quite a bit to see if all the hype was justified, whereas H3 has a sound history and we'll be able to find out whether it is as good as the first one in about a months time.
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beavis4play  +   2967d ago
sorry, it looks to be a good game, but killzone2 is looking spectacular. only metal gear 4 matches it. but, that doesn't mean i'm knocking halo. i'd put halo on par with haze.(and i mean that in a great way)
BloodySinner  +   2967d ago
Haze is a unproven franchise unlike Halo.
rubarb23  +   2967d ago
@ beavis4play
"killzone2 is looking spectacular. only metal gear 4 matches it". "i'd put halo on par with haze". WTF?
as BloodySinner said, haze is an unproven franchise unlike halo, so comparing them is an insult. same thing as comparing killzone 2 to halo 3. i've said this a bunch of times before: halo => proven franchise, killzone => ???? still trying to put out a decent game. to me at first yes killzone 2 looked awesome, but as more vids come out it looks stale. the colors suck and as far as the battle intensity goes, halo 3 kicks it's ass. sorry but IMO, the only proven respectable franchise that ps3 has is the metal gear series.
in the end there is nothing on any other console that compares to halo's global franchise. it's that big.
#22.3 (Edited 2967d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
batman2million  +   2967d ago
my life now has meaning!!

I still play halo 2 like i just got it!
MoonDust  +   2967d ago
A batman fan! :D!
Joker! Can't wait to see the new movie sometime in the future.
beavis4play  +   2967d ago
this isn't about the game but....
who came up with the expression: "the game has gone gold " to replace "the game has been finished"? that phrase(used to describe any finished game) sounds retarded.
DarkJedi  +   2967d ago
From memory, it was cos the master version that all cd's were copied from was often using gold media to signify it's uniqueness, this of course was back before mass duplication systems from code rather than hard copies became prevelant and we had to rely on slower single disk copiers. (We are talking a LONG time ago here, back in the days on 1x CD-ROM's). the gold disks were also meant to be more hardy and resistant to scratching.
beavis4play  +   2967d ago
psycho360  +   2967d ago
Right, the coating of the master CD was gold rather than silver of the standard ones. Anyway, I remember when the first CD burners were starting to turn up in shops and they used to cost thousands of dollars and we had to take our hard drives to these shops to get the data burned on the cds. And now we'll soon be seeing HD/BD burners starting in range of few thousand dollars, all this within 7-8 years time span.
IQUITN4G  +   2967d ago
Halo3 is a gift from the gods
1 week before H3 release i'll be playing through 1 and 2 ,making the final week less of an ordeal than it could be.It's a good idea anyway considering we wont be playing them for a while.

Dear god please don't take me from this earth just yet ,i need to play this.
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Bnet343  +   2967d ago
I still havent pre ordered
s8anicslayer  +   2967d ago
I preordered ts game last year,can't wait to finaly play it
gogators  +   2967d ago
At least I get a week with the game before
heading back to work. Maybe the disc can get pressed faster and maybe we will see it a little earlier to make up for all the other delays this past year.
Geewhizz  +   2967d ago
ps3 and wii owner here
i dont own a 360, but, there is so much arguing that goes on here that i just want to say nice one, i hope it is worth the wait. There are few things worse than having to wait for a company to release a finished game especially of the magnitude of this one. Lets hope this one is epic and will push ALL companies. Gamers have never had it so good! The sooner we just accept all systems will have great games the better this place will be.
Asuka  +   2967d ago
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