Killzone 2 concept images

GameSpot got their hands on 13 new Killzone 2 concept images.

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LOFT3163434d ago

But when is this big bad mother supposed to be out

beavis4play3434d ago

i got it reserved and gamestop has told me feb. 2, 2008

kingofps33434d ago

I am closing in on a total of some 10,000 gaming related images on my PC =) I better start thinking of getting a new bigger PS3 HDD and an external HDD to accommodate all the awesome goodies coming our way :)

felidae3434d ago

this game blows me away.

even the menu and loading screen with the Helghast Eye looking at you gives me goose bumps.

Clinton5143434d ago

All of the others are new stuff. Cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.