Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Stand Alone Disc Announced

TGH Writes: "The long awaited Undead Nightmare pack finally brings zombies to a Rockstar title. Gamers should be ready to romp through a heart pounding single player as well as take on new modes and gameplay in the online and multiplayer aspects"

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Blacktric2776d ago

They're pulling an Episodes From Liberty City move with Red Dead Redemption. They're going to make a standalone disk that comes with "every" DLC that ever released for Red Dead Redemption on it, and it WILL NOT require Red Dead Redemption disk in order to be played.

T9X692776d ago

I think its actually good move, mainly for the people who bought RDR, played it for months and sold it. Now they can experience all the DLC for the same price as it is on XBL/PSN without having to go out and spend another $40 or $50 on the original game. Rockstar is actually in a way, saving you money if you don't own the game anymore.

TheLastGuardian2776d ago

Why are you just telling us this now Rockstar? Right after Outlaws to the end was released Rockstar announced there would be 4 DLC packs coming so why couldn't they tell us they would eventually all be released on disc? I already bought the first 2 DLC's so this sucks for me.

I want an extra game case to put on my shelf especially if it's for RDR, my favorite multiplatform game this gen. I would have waited if I had known they were going to release them all on disc. That's the only good thing that came out of the GTA4 DLC being 360 exclusive for a year because I would have bought both of those day 1 and would've missed out getting those both on disc. Rosckstar are still my favorite devs but I feel like they screwed me over this time.

koh2776d ago

If you have the same content at the same price, is it really that big of a deal? This way you even get to have all the previously released DLC now, instead of waiting until "a later date yet to be announced".

ShadyDevil2776d ago

Why is that confusing? ITs going to be released on disc as well.

JonDiskonected2776d ago

but why? aside from the obvious fact of making money

despair2776d ago

for the people who sold their copy of RDR and want to play all the DLC, they just need to buy the hard copy and you don't need the game to play it.

limewax2776d ago

This is going to be a costly add on then, Without the value of the 2 packs that came on the gta4 expansion disc. Cant wait but wasnt hoping for whats likely to be a £20 bit of DLC

Perjoss2776d ago

bit silly to say that when you dont know how much content it has.

cochise3132776d ago

i hope they don't charge more than 20 bucks for this.

JonDiskonected2776d ago

read the article

MSRP is set at $29.99/£24.99/€29.99 and surprisingly does not require Red Dead Redemption to play and will be available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 at a later date yet to be announced.

limewax2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

HOLY!!!! I cant pay that.... I personally will need to see how much GB or MB the download version will be, Then we can gauge how much we are being ripped off lol.

£25 for one expansion? How many people are going to be up for that, especially with a cluttered season of releases on the horizon

EDIT: Ah it all makes sense now, I suppose the bulk of the cost also comes from it being standalone anyway, 800 points one again

JonDiskonected2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

it's all the 3 expansions on one disk

if you're talking about the undead pack dlc then it's 9,99$ us, dont know how much it amounts to in other currencies

dirtydbz2776d ago

boy does no one actually read these articles the dlc for undead nightmare is 9.99 us/ euro, 7.99 uk
the disc pack which includes all other dlc is 30 ( same price as it would be from psn) and you can run it without the game
same price oh wait 3 cents more quit crying

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