Metal Gear Solid 4 Video Kojima and Reps Q&A

Find out what Hideo Kojima and the reps from Konami had to say regarding the much anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Kojima is quizzed on the possibility of a Xbox 360 version of MGS4, rumble feature, in-game dynamic weather effects and gameplay possiblities and much more.

Directed by Hideo Kojima, Shuyo Murata and Yoji Shinkawa, Guns of the Patriots is currently being developed by Kojima Productions exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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riqued4126d ago

Kojima was holding his laugh we the reporter asked about "the possibility of comming to Xbox"...

How many times do people need to hear that it's is a PS3 exclusive?

iceman20004126d ago

piblinen nid fide inn vi spoon
PS3 exclusive

cr33ping_death4126d ago

just because they mention that its not for the 360 doesnt mean this belongs on the 360 channel

Bloodshedder4126d ago

why dont they just say "Yes it will have rumble... yes youll be able to play ur music on the game , no we dont whant a 360 version..." ah i hate it wen they make such big buzz abouth basic options on games, and if they confirm things like that maybe more people with get interested!!

HeartlesskizZ4126d ago

Thats where u wrong. look at Killzone2, thanks to is hype now is known more then b4.

Hype can help a game bring the cards to the table but if the developers know their game is not going to meet its hype or even near at all thats when devs confirm things such as exclusive or not and the features it will offer

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