Final Fantasty Tactics issues addressed in US release

If you played the original PlayStation version of Final Fantasy Tactics, you're probably used to the few small technical issues of the game (especially the cheap and overpowered Orlandu Durai ... T.G. Cid, not to mention the Calculator class). The localized US version of the PSP remake address multiple issues that were left open in the now seemingly half-finished Japanese release. Slowdown has been mostly eliminated -- this plagued the Japanese version and a heck of a lot of other PSP titles as well.

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Fighter3979d ago

I loved this game so much on the PS1. This is a must buy for me.

Marona3979d ago

Please let there be no delay. =/

WilliamRLBaker3978d ago

I want this game now, and hope they fix all the ps1 problems and psp problems.

nurayi3978d ago

oh my, does this mean Orlandu gets a nerf? *tear*
I just hope all the slowdowns that they mention are fixed. I mean I could run the ps1 game without slowdown..just I want to see the new cutscenes >: ).

cant wait to get cloud and level him to 99 again, and do all the dungeon levels for the zodiac summon and the chaos sword. good times.