Heavenly Sword gets a 10/10 from Tilt

Others if you are unaware TILT is the biggest Finnish gaming website .

Please check out the full review in the link below.

The trnslated text link has also been posted

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LOFT3164077d ago

read finnish but by the looks of it they liked the game

ALI-G4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

will get perfect review ?
or maybe desperation to play game !!!!!!!!
maybe becuae it IS the first non-port game for PS3 IN 6 MONTHS !!!!!!
maybe combination of all of that.

the real question: where the hell did u dig this review from ?
when the real reviews did not suite ps3 fangirl, they always go and dig reviews from un-discovered part of the world

EDIT:"cause theres only 5 hours to play on it" CREDIT TO 13.2KAZE88

EDIT:@blow: gears was 8hourse + [email protected] AWESOME ONLINE STILL NO.1 AT XBOXLIVE
yeah and my cousin is an alien,he lives under the water and has PS4, he says it the best vacuum cleaner ever


I hope this clerafy things for al of u.
-Ken Kutaragi (久夛良木 健, Kutaragi Ken?)
-the former Chairman and chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI),

Now give me ur plate, i will sh1t on it and u loyal sony fangirl will eat it as usual

larry0074077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

HS is not a six hours game

If you are an expert u can beat it in 6 hors

my cousin beats Gears in 5 hours so

@PS4LIFE----BIOSHOCK has no multiplayer/ONLINE and is a super boring game

HS has now an average of 87%


Play Magazine 10/10
Tilt.TV 10/10
PSXtreme Magazine 9/10 9/10
Gamepro 4.5/5
The Officiel Playstation Magazine 89%
PSW*Uk mag*8/10
IGN US 7/10
Edge 6/10

Mario184077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I would rather have a vacuum cleaner than a heater...

Edit: Why'd you start the cousin "excuse"

xhi44077d ago

Didnt you read the release Ninja Theory gave? They state it will be "12-15 hours" fool. *sighs at xbotism*

Rageanitus4077d ago

6.5 hours for a hacknslash it not so bad.
Bare in mind it depends on the genre.

When I play an rpg I expect ~30-40 hours gameplay.
Does 90 hours on some rpg's make it more value.......

Games like gradius 3 are superb and it only lasts 40 minutes... and that game costed me 50 bucks

In conclusion it all depends on the type of game .

riqued4077d ago

"12-15 hours sounds about right for a gamer well versed with fighting games. That's just for a first playthrough - there's also plenty of scope for replayability - especially with the stacks of unlockable content that's been stuffed onto the Blu-Ray.

Hope that answers your questions" - Peonic [NT-DEV] WebAdministrator

LOFT3164077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

What are you replyin to me for why are you askin me were i got the review from just cause i posted first don't mean i submitted the story take a look at the top left ok and not to be funny here but WTF are you ranting on about

Edit Sorry just noticed you can't reply you only got one bubble i wonder why

Bathyj4076d ago

Not that I need another good review, I'm getting this game no matter what. I trust my own eyes and my own playtime of the demo. Anyone thats been put off by a review is a bit of a dumbarse in my book (Thats Bathy's Big Book of Dumbarses) and I would say go jump off a cliff for a joke, but as your that easily suggestible you might actually do it.

I dont buy that the normal person will finish in 6 hour either. A lot of people seem to be hung up on this. Most wont sit down at lunch and be finished by 6pm. When you play a Res Evil Game or something, the game clock isn't counting all the times you died and it reloaded, all the cinematics, load times. The Gameclock is like the minimum run throught time you did, and if the did actually run through and not explore the game then you're missing out on stuff. GoW2 is probably less than a 10 hour game but I bet no one got 100% and found everything first time through, let alone in under 10 hours.

And was the AI on hard mode so difficult Sony made Ninja theory play through just to make sure it was possible? Doesn't sound like a game most will be finishing in one sitting. Maybe 3or4 hours a day for a week. Whats the hurry with you people? Wait 2 years for a game just to see how quickly you can be done with it. Na, I'm all for savouring.

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Loudninja4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Oh well, great score!

Play Magazine 10/10
Tilt.TV 10/10
PSXtreme Magazine 9/10 9/10
Gamepro 4.5/5
The Officiel Playstation Magazine 89%
PSW*Uk mag*8/10
IGN US 7/10
Edge 6/10

eXplotion4077d ago

b-bu but its supposed to be teh Heveanly Flop!!!

larry0074077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Thats AAA

we ofcourse we would be ignoring all 1up /GS revviews .

IGN review is also worthless since it was written by Chris Roper---the controversial guy who gave GOD HAND a 3/10

I am ignoring all NA reviewers in this case

@hay paradise BOT

go and play ur garbage box 360 rather than trash talking

HS now has an average of 87%

Play Magazine 10/10
Tilt.TV 10/10
PSXtreme Magazine 9/10 9/10
Gamepro 4.5/5
The Officiel Playstation Magazine 89%
PSW*Uk mag*8/10
IGN US 7/10
Edge 6/10

in ur face NASTY BOTS

ParaDise_LosT4077d ago

MetaCritic ackknowledges that site, what kind Credibility do you wish us to give it?
Seriously Larry007, your trying too hard to prove this games worth....

Gamespot will deliver the coup de grâce..
I hope...

jay34077d ago

Larry, i'm going to come across as a COMPLETE retard here...

But what does AAA mean? Is it a game that has a high average or something?

God, i feel like a kid asking how babies are made /cry

WaggleLOL4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

IGN US 7/10 - The idiot who gave the now infamous 3/10 God Hand 'review'
Edge 6/10 - The we are arbitrarily grading this game on a curve because it is a PS3 game 'review'

Ninja Theory has got themselves a AAA masterpiece on their hands. The game has incredible graphics, amazing facial animation and voice work, a deep combat system that had people playing the five minute demo over and over and over again learning about the different combat stances.

All that remains is the inevitable trashing of the game from the Xbots at EGM/1Up :)

cartman3134077d ago

AAA titles are generally titles with really high production value. HS had a huge budget, and a big team. Which I think would make it a AAA title.

SWORDF1SH4076d ago

i hate all this up and down reviews that mags and internet sites gives games. so find a mag you can trust and stick to there reviews. if you live in the uk i highly recommend PSM3.

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