Square Enix Terrified of own Original IP?

Back at the Square Enix Party (a delightful time), I got a look at Square Enix's Subarashiki Kono Sekai (AKA "It's a Wonderful World"). The game was developed by Kyoto's Jupiter Corporation, which also brought us Picross DS. The game is a totally original IP, based on Final Fantasy character designer Tetsuya Nomura's creations. Though, the characters don't look all that FF, but rather, have an urban edge. The game itself is interesting and difficult as players must concentrate on both screens (sometimes at the same time!) during play. In short, the game is somewhat risky for the conservative Square Enix - but a commendable risk. Oddly enough, the game wasn't reviewed in Famitsu when it was released last July. Next-Gen's Tim Rogers has a theory about that:

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Marona4126d ago

I don't think so, it's not like every company will make the best games out there all the time.

bootsielon4125d ago

If they keep selling the same sh1t they've churned out for the last 20 years (no offense, I buy their sh1t too ;) ), why should they change? They make money after all.

Besides... it's arguable that every new final fantasy franchise is new IP. The only thing that is NOT original is the name (but come on, who cares, really?), and perhaps the gameplay... but the gameplay always has some innovation of some sorts, even if it's not so radical; then again, FFX, FFXI and FFXII were very different from each other and from previous iterations... so it's harder to argue about that. Especially since FFXIII and FFVersus will supposedly diverge even more.

If you judge by Square's creation of new storylines, characters, images, 3D assets, CGI, audio, orchestra, and so on for each final fantasy... then I'd doubt you could be able to say Square isn't original.