Xbox 360 security partially broken again

Hackers will never stop hacking the 360 until it's open for use to everyone, an ongoing cat-and-mouse game between Microsoft and the hackers. This time the hackers succeeded to downgrade the dashboard version. By downgrading the dashboard it is possible again to go back to the exploitable dashboard that got fixed last February.

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doshey4105d ago

are they ever going to fix there problems(not bashing MS i just want the problems fix so i can buy one)

LoydX-mas4105d ago

"the 360 core security is still in place"

"the xbox 360 hackers still have a long way to go..."

WafflesID4105d ago

Uhm, Every console in history has been hacked. Guess you should stick to Tiger LCD games.

sanderFVCKINcohen4105d ago

its better if you wait for the Elite with the Falcon chip. My brother has a 360 but im waiting for the Elite.

gta_cb4105d ago

just like WafflesID has said, every console in history has been hacked, and guess which console has been hacked the most?... the PSP!

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harpua4105d ago

the word broken and 360 are synonymous.

genericname4105d ago

"The Xbox 360, The Ford Pinto of game consoles"

gamehendge4105d ago

gawd the 360 is such a joke. and to think they have yet to even turn a profit on it. if MS didn't have deep pockets this thing would of been discontinued some time ago.

FordGTGuy4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

it took hackers less then a day to hack the PS3. It took over 6 months for hackers to even scratch the surface of the Xbox 360 and they have still yet to hack the firmware.


What security problem? All the hackers have been banned and there hasn't been really any hacker breakthroughs.

Mario184105d ago

People fight over the dumbest things...

doshey4105d ago

and the last time i checked sony does not wait 6 or how ever many months to fix a security problem

WafflesID4105d ago

and last checked there is no security problem with the 360. Even when they get this working there is no way you can use this on XBOX live. so what does it matter? Let them hack away. As long as it stays off of online play (which is WHY we pay $50 a year) then who cares.

Apparently the Sony fanboys because it gives them ammunition in some way.

WilliamRLBaker4105d ago

they just never fix it, they dont wait they just never fix it.

Ps2's online was hopelessly broken and cheater filled you could cheat in any game with a gameshark or action replay or modchip, and they never EVER banned any one, I had over 30 people i reported to sony via emails, rpeorting services! hell I even sat in a game of socom 3 while a guy cheated, and was on the phone with sony online customer reps...and those guys never got banned.

Lets hope to god this time on the ps3 they actually do something about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.