Piracy To Harm Sony This Xmas

Sony has branded its old console the PS2 a "Wii beater" this Xmas, by launching a large array of games and also having a motion sensing controller (much like the wii mote) for it, also relaunching the PSP (Playstation Portable) in a new thinner guise cleverly named "The Playstation Portable Slim" to go head to head against the excellent Nintendo DS.

The problem for Sony is that as of now, any Playstation 2, can be made able to play backup games (copied / pirated) without the need to open the console's case, with a new system called "VAST" which plugs into one of the memory card slots on the front of a PS2, booting into a loader screen enabling gamers to circumnavigate the copy protection systems built in, take a look at the video below, which shows this device in action *please note, the cover has only been removed on the PS2 to demonstrate that they're are no soldered mod-chips on the main board* :

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ALI-G4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

obviously i never knew about this method befor(where u can mod without opening the case).and i am sure many did not know but now they have the choice to spend 30£ in game or get pirted one for less than 5£ which seems way more attractive

resistance1004130d ago

With the problem being that pirate games rate is at oh 0.1% of all Ps2's.

I actually amazed this site is promoting this kind of thing, as its not really going to be made public and its illigal

DrPirate4130d ago

If it's easy to pirate, it'll only spur sales further.

Cheap Console...Free awesome games.

It'll drive game sales down, but it won't destroy the PS2.

ArduousAndy4130d ago

if its so easy to do. Then people with a PS2 will be doing it. Those with out will goto gamestop and get a used one on the cheap.

Also the games on the system there sales will start to take a dive simply because why pay when you can get it for free?

SlyDark Star4130d ago

On a sidenote I've got a Wii Beater too if ya catch ma drift.

45421254130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

They are using the PS2 to partly fund the cost of the PS3, witch means they will not retire the PS2 until it`s sales fall to a point where it has no purpose for retailers.

Vip3r4130d ago

They can't just retire the PS2, not everyone can afford a PS3.

Why_So_Serious4130d ago

but retiring a console that sells over 100k unit a week would be a new level of stupidity

ittaak4130d ago

I doubt that Sony called the PS2 the "Wii beater" seeing as those games are being made by a third party. Also the slimmer PSP isn't called “The Playstation Portable Slim” it is still just called PSP.

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