Activision confirms COD 4 beta for UK

Activision has revealed all the details and information concerning the upcoming Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 beta test. The biggest news being, for once it's not merely US only but UK will be able to take part in the beta as well.

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AngryHippo4069d ago

.....good news for us in the UK, can't wait

ASSASSYN 36o4069d ago

More targets for the fray. This game PWnS!!!

Rama262854069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I know this game is coming out on the PS3 and PC too, but this news is Xbox360 only - it shouldn't be in the PS3 and PC channels. I was looking under the PS3 section and saw this and got my hopes up. Thanks for that.

Nice that they're doing something in the UK though....

jay34069d ago

I'm gonna screw up the questions i just know it...

mighty_douche4069d ago

me and my ps3 are sooo jealous right now! COD4 looks to be an amazing game and with all the extras like ranks and perks promises many hours of pwnage!!

enjoy guys.....

Mikey_Gee4069d ago

But don't worry bro ... yours will be coming soon enough !!

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