The AO Debate: Is the Industry Censoring Itself?

The dreaded AO rating. It's the Scarlet Letter of the industry - if you're marked with it you're screwed, unless you "repent" and modify your game to get an M rating. Why is the industry subjecting itself to this? GameDaily BIZ discusses the issue with leading industry figures.

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MK_Red4126d ago

Well, right now AO is used to force publishers into self censoring which is uterly stupid.

ironwolf4126d ago

but it's not really stupid. Like it or not, most video game players are juveniles. There is nothing to stop the companies from making AO games, except loss of revenue due to a severely limited potential audience. Until there are a lot more adult gamers, it's just good business sense.

riqued4126d ago

But most children would buy AO games anyway, right?

DaTrooF4126d ago

and i know 2 of my friends who bought a 360 just to play DOAX2..IDIOTS!

Silver3604126d ago

The average age is now 32. Heard that on 1upyours 3weeks ago. Better stories, more adult themes would draw more people in also. Get rid of that video games are for kids only crap.

RioGrande4126d ago

Oops my bad. I meant to press the agree button. But yes the average age is 33 now at least in the U.S.

s8anicslayer4126d ago

everyone except!

reaferfore204126d ago

I don't see what the big deal is for Sony, MS, and Nintendo. If they had an AO game on their system what harm could it possibly do? Especially if it was a multi-platform title such as Manhunt. I think if one of the companies actually allowed AO games on their systems they would sell more for the sheer fact that people would want to play the uncensored version of the game.

Maddox said it best: