Hellgate: London - Subscriptions Priced & Detailed

It was revealed before that Hellgate: London, the upcoming action-RPG from Flagship Studios, will feature a premium multiplayer component. The pricing structure for the premium part has been announced - it will cost players €9.99/£6.99 per month to get access to premium features including the ability to play co-operatively with other players online, trade items, join guilds, voice chat, buddy lists and more.

Additionally, players with subscriptions will also get new content including new character classes, areas, monsters, items and raid content, as well as new game modes including Hardcore, Role-play and PvP. They will also get additional character and stash slots. Other features include in-game email for items, web access to characters and a place in future beta lotteries.

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AngryHippo4133d ago

i think its been confirmed for a 360 release as well as pc.

Macdory4133d ago

Appears too much per month for similar features to Guild Wars ... I guess it's a wait and see ... especially regarding the speed of rolling out the new content

Also need clarity - if you pay the monthly fee and aquire some good items, do you lose them if you stop paying your sub?

Reserving judgement until launch ... shame that there is still missing info, and uncertainty as this has moved from a must buy for me to a wait and see ...

creeping judas4133d ago

im ok with with paying for XBL, but then to pay extra for other games??
not my cup of tea. however i understand why the charge for the new quests, episodic content,etc... doesnt create itself for free!!