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Submitted by Gamer104 1872d ago | news

Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition Officially Announced

The Dead Space 2 CE has officially been announced, for Europe anyway. (Dead Space 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update Every CE (PC, PS3, and 360) in the U.S. will receive the plasma cutter. Thanks Akissfromdaddy for the update!

check out the twitter account:!/deads...

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ReNeGaDe124  +   1872d ago
*Exclusive bonus content on Xbox 360 and PC only:
• Replica of Isaac’s trusty Plasma Cutter, modeled from the new design from Dead Space 2.

*Exclusive to the PlayStation 3 pack only:
• The critically acclaimed Dead Space Extraction. See how it all began in the PlayStation® Move supported prequel to Dead Space, available for the first time in HD.
• Downloadable Rivet Gun for use in-game.

Wtf EA? So the PS3 CE doesn't get the Plasma Cutter? :|

Without the Plasma Cutter replica this collector's edition is pretty much worthless.
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Excalibur  +   1872d ago
Looks that way
I'd much rather have the replica plasma cutter than the on rails shooter that flopped on the Wii.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1872d ago
To be honest I don't want that plasma cutter, unless it works :P first I'd better play Extraction as it's a part of the franchise, also I don't collect this kind of stuff, figurines, plasma cutters, night vision googles, etc. I don't have space for it.

But is PS3 CE version worth the money now, doubtful
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StarScream4Ever  +   1872d ago
I'm sorry EA but where the heck is my plasma cutter?!
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1872d ago
MS says Hello
and PS. you'll never outplay us Sony /lol
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Christopher  +   1872d ago
So, let me get this straight...

PS3 CE and LE users get the game for free...

But, you'll pay the same price on the PS3 CE as you would for the 360 CE to get a DLC gun instead of a replica gun?

EA, you really f'd that one up. See absolutely no reason to get the CE on the PS3 unless you're a big fan of DLC.
HDgamer  +   1872d ago
Wow, you see no reason why to get the ps3 version which comes with an extra game over one with a plastic toy gun. Kids these days.
Christopher  +   1872d ago
@HDGamer: I see absolutely no reason to get the CE version since the standard game comes with the same extra game for free. Note the second sentence above, both CE and LE games get the free game.

Why would I pay $20-30 more for a game when all I'm getting extra is a soundtrack and some DLC? I'll still get the game, both of them since all versions of the PS3 come with Dead Space: Extraction, not just the CE.
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Kain81  +   1872d ago
Look at You PM ;)
Christopher  +   1872d ago
It looks like this will be EU only, so I await the incoming complaints (honestly deserved) by Europeans.
Silly gameAr  +   1872d ago
They can keep the plasma cutter. I'll gladly take Extraction.
King-Leonidas  +   1872d ago
hmm, you 360 guys will look at it, play with it for 1 hour and put it down and never touch it again.


just realised that that sounded extremely sexual...
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HorriblePanda  +   1871d ago
are you a stupid git?? are all the real gamers playing the ps3?? your a sad rabid fanboy...... its trolls such as you that give gamers gaming and anything else we enjoy a bad name....

not every 360 player plays shitty games like cod but i am sure you play your fair share of it
King-Leonidas  +   1871d ago
Okay, tell me what else 360 gamers play instead of COD.
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Kurt Russell  +   1871d ago
I am a 360 gamer. I hate COD... But I fucking love Dead Space. Going to enjoy going pew pew pew at work with my toy :D
Kain81  +   1872d ago
The PS3 CE version comes with a Replica too
i think ther is a missunderstanding here

-Standart PS3 version has DS Extraction
-CE PS3 Version has DS Extraction + Replica + Soundtrack + exclusiv lithograph + suit and Force Gun (+ Dead space :Ignition for Free if you Preorederd DS2)

here is the facebook link
KillerPwned  +   1872d ago
Yeah i rather save my money and just get the regular edition still get the best extra out of it all Dead Space Extraction.

Btw played Extraction on Wii really cool game will be even better with the Move and HD.
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tigertron  +   1872d ago
I want my plasma cutter EA...
3nd3rth3  +   1872d ago
All Dead Space 2 pre-orders for the PS3 come with Extraction at no charge, and I also got my code for Ignition today... Don't really care about the replica when I can have more gaming for free.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1872d ago
not only pre-orders, all copies come with Extraction
belal  +   1872d ago
you guys cry over a plasma cutter while il play a second full game named dead space extraction :) il take a full game over some shitty decoration any time.
Christopher  +   1872d ago
That's the thing... you already get the second game for free with the regular game. It's not a part of the CE, it's with every PS3 game sold.

The problem is that they're attempting to sell a CE based on getting that game as a bonus in comparison to 360/PC getting the plasma cutter model... it's just not a bonus, it's the standard fare. So, essentially, PS3 users can get a CE and pay more for it for less. Really, no reason to get it unless you're really into DLC.

I personally encourage everyone to just by the standard Limited Edition. It's not like there won't be tons of armor/weapon DLC available after release for the fraction of the cost they want you to buy the CE at over the standard version.
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GoldPS3  +   1872d ago
Agree belal
I take the game. More value for the money. Besides if I got the plasma cutter it'll be in the closet collecting dust or on ebay.
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darren_poolies  +   1872d ago
This is probably a very stupid question but, if I pre ordered Dead Space 2 (just the normal edition) for the PS3 from say Gamestation, would I get Extraction?

It's just that on the GAME and Gamestation websites, the product description for Dead Space 2 doesn't say anything about Extraction.
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Obama  +   1872d ago
Well since the 360 version is inferior they have to throw something in to attract the 360 fanbase. Otherwise they will be crying about how only ps3 fans are getting a free game and they don't.
HDgamer  +   1872d ago
That plastic gun will be used with Kinect. Pew pew pew
ironfist92  +   1872d ago
I just had the MADDEST idea. Would be AWESOME if the Gun worked like a Move controller, will make Extraction/DS2 that much more immersive!!!
Jack-Pyro  +   1872d ago
I can't believe I voted for you...
SSKILLZ  +   1872d ago
don't forget the close beta we got it exclusive for the online lol
ElementX  +   1872d ago
Collector's editions have gotten out of control.
SSKILLZ  +   1872d ago
I'll take the Ps3 Version any Day ! 2 freaking games is awesome

that means the true complete Dead Space series is on Ps3 only ! lmao ! every body ells gets a small replica of the Plasma cutter WaW

Complete series > Toy (collecting dust)
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Kain81  +   1872d ago
The PS3 CE version come with a Replica too
i think ther is a missunderstanding here

-Standart PS3 version has DS Extraction
-CE PS3 Version has DS Extraction + Replica + Soundtrack + exclusiv lithograph + suit and Force Gun

Edit: here is the facebook link
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SSKILLZ  +   1872d ago
LMAO! awesome, nice find ! +Bubble for you my friend.

Edit: plus Dead space :Ignition for Free for the ones who reserve
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ironfist92  +   1872d ago
Great find friend. Here's a HELPFUL bubble.

Would be strange to have that extra space in the box without anything inside it all edeitions had the same box.

Just hope EA rectifies the situation.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1872d ago
Well if the replica doesnt come with the damn PS3 version the price better not be the same. The regular version of the game gets extraction so dont give me that crap about it being a trade off or soemthing...

I was SOOO sure i was going to get this (as in the special edition as im 100% getting the game)... now im holding off till we have some clarity.
garrod  +   1872d ago
This is the UK annoucment
I would like to point out that the link provided here saying that the Plasma Cutter will not be available on PS3 is EA's Uk announcement. On the official FB page they have said no such thing regarding the North American release.
Jack-Pyro  +   1872d ago
Damn, another Collectors Edition I MUST Have....
AKissFromDaddy  +   1872d ago
I've comfirmed
that all versions of Collector's Edition being sold in North America will include the Plasma Cutter.


PS. Clarity on the European version
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Gamer104  +   1872d ago
Thank you for the update!
ironfist92  +   1871d ago
That sucks. I honestly dont see the point why European PS3 owners get shafted. WTF! I want the gun too!
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AKissFromDaddy  +   1871d ago
I understand how you feel.
azshorty2003  +   1872d ago
Glad to see the update stating that it WILL be available on PS3. Getting it for sure!

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