Loot Ninja's Folklore Demo Impressions

The Folklore demo starts you off by choosing either Ellen (female character, experience the first Netherworld "Faery Realm") or Keats (male character, experience the second Netherworld "Warcadia").

When you start as Ellen you find out that her mother has passed and she wants to find her, so in order to do that she must find the Folks in the forest and make their "Ids" her own, in order to get special powers. Your starting point is called Elysium (like from Gladiator) there are a lot of odd references in this game, since the basis is visiting the land of the dead.

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fopums4131d ago

I checked for this one last night, didnt see but I'll check again. really want to give this one a try

Clinton5144131d ago

I first played the Japanese demo back in June and while the gameplay was cool I couldn't understand what was going on for obvious reasons.

I'd definitely say this game makes wonderful use of the SIXAXIS motion control.

taz80804131d ago

i was impressed by the 6 axis idea, the game is far from conventional so some may not like it off the bat. I think it is a solid title for the PS3, so far.

sandip7874131d ago

i wasnt too fussed about it at first, but as i got into it i got hooked. i like the way you have to adapt tactics and change your folk to suit different enemies (or whatever you want to call them)
i also like the way they have implemented sixaxis into the game. it made me chuckle when i saw the wii like warning making sure you hold the controller tight and away from obstacles.
the demo is long too, i kept me going for a while. i preffered playing as keats in warcadia simply because of his transforming ability.
i suggest everyone downloads this sharpish, before it goes down, even if you arent into the genre

heroman7114131d ago

i couldnt put it down. only complaint is that text is too small

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The story is too old to be commented.