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First DotA 2 pictures are out, looks beautiful

Gamersmint : Valve and IceFrog announced that they were working on the sequel to the famous Warcraft III mode, DotA earlier today. We have the first artwork from the game for you to enjoy now. (Defense Of The Ancients 2, Dota 2, PC)

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cyborg  +   1504d ago
How much will it cost?
will it be free to play?
IneedWeed  +   1504d ago
Doubt it'll be free to play, but hopefully it'll cost around $20-$40 MSRP.

Looks like their bringing Morphling, Drow, Lina, and Magina(or Terror Blade) back. Hopefully the game is as good looking as SC II engine is.
MachinaMaw  +   1504d ago
It says the hero is Bloodseeker in the picture.

And man, DotA artworks never cease to impress.
kratos123  +   1504d ago
man this looks really cool cant wait im wondering will this be stand alone or will you need warcraft 3 to play this because i seeing alot of familiar faces back in here
Kyle1212  +   1503d ago
Shackdaddy836  +   1504d ago
Never played the first one so I may check this out. (Although I did play DoTA on SC2 but I'm guessing its not the same thing...)

Seems fun
Newtype  +   1504d ago
WOw, this Warcraft III custom game really got somewhere.
ApexHell  +   1504d ago
wow this will be awesome.
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CrzyFooL  +   1503d ago
wtf its concept art!! goddamn I already clicked
ultramoot  +   1503d ago
There's quite a big difference between "concept art" and "in-game screens" for a game. Although you claimed neither, it's still a misleading title.

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