Midnight Club impresses with "100,000 polygons on cars"

Ben Kuchera :

"These cars are 100,000 polygons," I'm told at Rockstar's booth. "That's not how many polys you'll see in Maya, that is the actual, in-game count." The man helming the controller dutifully pans around the car to show it off. It is impressive looking, down to the detailed interior. We then put the camera inside the car. Welcome to Midnight Club: Los Angeles and,yes, there is a cockpit view. "This is my favorite way to play," the Rockstar rep tells me, beaming ear to ear."

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synetic3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

so what gt5 have 200000 polygons but its better than PGR4 only have 90000 polygons

edit -> ops i said gt4 >__<

i Shank u3801d ago

the likely reason this game and PGR 4s cars get dwarfed by GT 5's car poly count is midnight club and pgr have more detailed cities and environments that take up alot more polygons the GT 5; the reason is not because polyphony = god, like someone said. the city in midnight club looks sic as hell, rockstar is putting up some damn impressive grphx this generation of consoles

power of Green 3801d ago

GT5 doesn't have water physics effects, frost physics effects, dirt physics effects on the paint jobs either, the environments lack all kinds of stuff aswell and still PGR4 comes out on top. lol

On topic I love this series the traffic in DUB Edition has me hooked on these games hope the same can be said about this one.

Kaze883801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

That is pretty impressive.
GT5 uses about 200 000 polygons per car, which looks awesome too!

Edit --> Damm synetic you said that GT thing first T_T

AngryHippo3801d ago

I don't think people understand the title, Midnight Club.....not Gran Turismo, and here we go with comparing games....again, jesus. I really like the midnght club games, such fun to play. This looks pretty impressive too.

SofaKingReetodded3800d ago

that complain about every little thing people do around here??

did anyone ever think why it is that PS3 vs 360 threads get well over a 100 posts easy??

people thrive on conflict, LIVE WITH IT

same goes for the retards that have to announce to the world that they are diving for cover because they feel a "flame war" coming. It's not the german army invading ahole, it's a bunch of retards calling each other names on a message board. And you know what?? if console wars are the hop topic of the moment, then wtf are you to complain about it??

complainers = drama queens

RussianSniper3801d ago

We have the right to compare this to GT5's 200,000 polys considering Rockstar is trying to show off how good their car looks.

AngryHippo3801d ago

....fair and decent response, have a bubble.

i Shank u3801d ago

but you make a blind comparison, not taking into account environments and otherthings that are much more detailed in pgr and midnight club. i dont think polyphony has some magical - polygon unlocking key that other devs dont have; rather, they choose to balance their polygon use differently, and the results are the most stunning cars ever in a game.

mr_steveo3801d ago

Synetic... pgr3 uses 94,000 per a car on average. No idea yet wot pg4 has progressed to?

But makes grand turismo seem even more impressive at 200,000 per a car, and runs at 60 frames per a second AND has 16 cars on track at once. Impressive is a understatement.

But the bling boys who buy this dont really give a golden sparkling necklace about this kinda info, as long as its got the bling appeal and the cars have big alloys. sorted for them :p

resistance1003801d ago

And now has damage aswell :D. Now it will have to be impressive damage, however its unlikey that Yamauchi will release anything less than what he calls perfect

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