Recap: Xbox 360 squeezed between the Wii and the PS3

It has been more than nine months since the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii were launched and we are seeing first trends how well the consoles are competing with Xbox 360. No matter how you look at the current sales numbers, the fact that the Xbox 360 has been around more than twice as long as the Wii and PS3 gives the console an undeniable advantage. More people own the Xbox 360, it has a more defined online gaming platform, and its game catalog dwarfs that of its competitors.

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jackfatal4127d ago

give ps3 2 full years and then we will see how things will turn out!!
and already Wii is equally with x360!
when ps3 was launched the gap between ps3 and x360 was around 10 milion
and now 6 or 7 with the high price and lack of games and online!! i wonder how much the gap will be if all those things get fixed up??
by years end all those problems will be gone! so the real competition will then!

CRIMS0N_W0LF4127d ago

PS2 is still sailing way above this gen war!

boi4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

well im thinking...

this is my opinion

Sony still focusing on the ps2 for a reason...I think because they know themselfs that the PS3 don't have many games yet and the price is a little high for most people to buy...

so by focusing on the ps2 they can still make money and in the mean time get the ps3 up and running with games coming out and a pricedrop soon which then I would think they will slowly stop focusing on the ps2...and move over to the ps3 and the consumers with the ps2 can decide to go over to the ps3 when the pricedrops and AAA titles are out...

then and then you can see the big change...

and from then the 360(all fix and ready)and the ps3(games and pricedrop) will have a fair fight

and no im no fanboy

EDIT: *AngryHippo* cheers and I forgot to add and its for the devs to get to know the ps3 hardware better...then you see both system with great games (ports)

stonedog4127d ago

Seems to be another post indicating that the PS3 will magically increase its sales this x-mas. I have not seen anything that is compelling to encourage this great leap forward. In 2008 maybe but not in 2007. Certainly I would expect Wii to dominate provided that it can get product to market. However, I do not think that Wii sales are cutting into M$ market b/c Nintendo has managed to create a new market for itself among the casual gamer. Certainly M$ would like a piece of that action. I would agree that M$ may not be able to achieve that ambition.

Then there is the whole media thing with down loadable HD movies and the touted IPTV. While these things may not appeal to the 360's core audience they may have a sigificant appeal to the casual crowd; coupled with a price cut M$ may hit the sweet spot its looking for.

Ultimately this is just my humble opinion; feel free to disagree.

boi4127d ago

well I only disagree with you because of the ps3 sales increase this xmas :)

no flame ok

anyway the way I see it is ps3 will increase but it won't increase too much to say it will threaten the 360 in sales...remember their is alot of people who are waiting for the ps3 this xmas(well the people I know anyways...pricedrop if any and I would think so) and with HOME (it will appeal to many)and titles coming out this year which will help ps3...

but 2008 will be the bigger year for the ps3 and the 360

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The story is too old to be commented.