Eternal Sonata: the Melding of Turn-Based and Real-Time Combat

GameZone previews the story, presentation, and notable features in Eternal Sonata, including:

* Battle systems that blend turn-based and real-time.

* Gameplay and combat that are partially based on music.

* A minimum of 30 hours to complete just the main story.

The full interview reveals and explains many more features that may surprise you and change your mind about this game.

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ALI-G4129d ago

another game i can pick and play

ParaDise_LosT4129d ago

This game sounds like a sleeper hit...
too bad its out september...they should delay it to november or christmass, I don't want a goregeous game like this to be overshadowed by....
well we all know whats comming this september... ^_^

Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey are Must haves for me.