PS3/360 Gameplay of PES 2008

Gameplay from the up coming PES 08

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resistance1003928d ago

Can't wait. Nice to see that the Ps3 very will look and play better :p

(well graphics ps3 version looks sharper, and gameplay wise PES doesn't work on 360 aswell PES6 was poor compared with the Ps2 version, maybe its one of those games that the sixaxis is suited to like DMC4)

MaximusPrime3928d ago

i totally agreed there. Playstation has a better controller for this game. Cant wait to see what the graphic will be like.

Gamer133928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Most multiplatform games look better on the 360, when the game release we will all now which version is better, i won,t buy a ps3 till december so ill get the 360 version.

IM OUT...///"""

heroman7113928d ago

good to know u aint a fanboy

icechai3928d ago

Most multiplatform games have come out from companies that weren't eager to embrace programming for the ps3 (ubisoft, EA games). Konami is quite another story as I'm sure you're quite aware of.

resistance1003928d ago

You are aware the Ps3 is the lead platform for PES? and all the video's for each one show the Ps3 verison looking alot sharper.

Still i won't get PES2008 on 360 simply because PES6 last year was terrible (normally buy it on a few formats) So i guess its just the PS3/PSP versions i will get this year

MaximusPrime3928d ago

im agreeing with Resistance100, why? because he was telling the truth. i've seen it myself.

Gamer13 you lose.

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heroman7113928d ago

wait a minute which one is the ps3 version and 360 version. there is only one version

Itachi3928d ago

both will be the same

only difference controller

for me sixaxis

Gamer133928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Don,t worry time will tell, this video didn,t state it was ps3 version or 360, so we don,t now which version it came from.

IM OUT...///"""

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