GameSpy On Killzone 2: PS3 hardware & Blu-ray Create A Technically Dazzling Game

If it seems like a lot to soak in for a 30 minute demo, it was. Killzone 2 is one of the few next-gen titles that GameSpy's gotten a real under-the-hood look at. Frankly, between the size of a level (a whopping 2 gigabytes) and the amount of effects going on at the same time, they feel confident in saying that this title really aims to utilize the capabilities of not only the PlayStation 3 hardware, but also the storage capacity of Blu-ray.

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MK_Red3982d ago

The more I hear and see of Killzone 2, the more I believe that it's the one game to truly take advantage of PS3 and Blu-ray, seperating from all other PS3 and next-gen games.
The massive and insanly detailed textures of this game alone require a lot of space and processing power.

cloud3603982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

I hate FPS games. like medal of honour and halo.

Hope this has some rpg in it like Resident Evil 4 were you can level up/upgrade your weapons

72.27% chance am getting this sh*t...(look i know it to 2 dp) *Crosses fingers*

_insane_cobra3982d ago

I agree that Killzone 2 will "truly take advantage of PS3 and Blu-ray", but so did games like Lair.

They nailed the graphics, but Guerrilla still have an awful lot to prove.

MK_Red3982d ago

I know Lair and Heavenly Sword put PS3's power and Blu-ray in good use but Heavenly Sword mostly had lots of audio and others used the space for big arenas or HD videos but Killzone is actually using it the way a game like id's Rage does with ultra high-res textures and other effects.

AS for Guerrilla, I have complete faith in them after playing System Shock Nam which was a superb Vietnam war game with good story, characters and fun gameplay. Hopefully Killzone 2 goes beyond that.

_insane_cobra3982d ago

That's ShellShock: Nam '67, System Shock is a totally different game. Anyway, I sure hope Killzone 2 goes beyond that (and I believe it will) because ShellShock got awful review scores:

MK_Red3982d ago

I know ShellShock: Nam '67 got bad reviews but I really liked it. I;m not a big fan of military shooters and haven't played many vietnam games so, I'm not the best person to talk about them but ShellShock: Nam '67 good IMO.

reaferfore203982d ago

Every game should have a "boom boom room".

MK_Red3981d ago

"boom boom room", Good one. They should also some gameplay features to it like boosting player's health or morale.

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SofaKingReetodded3982d ago

PS3 sales shot up and have kept a steady pace ever since E3 and the unveiling of KZ2 realtime footage. IMO ALOT of ppl were waiting for Sony's moment of truth to show that the PS3 is everything it is hyped up to be.

KZ2 @ E3 delivered in spades. At the end of the day all these nerd-wars over multiplats looking better on whatever console don't matter because as long as Sony shows muscle the likes of KZ2, fans and developers alike will come to play on this field of dreams they have built.

_insane_cobra3982d ago

"PS3 sales shot up and have kept a steady pace ever since E3 and the unveiling of KZ2 realtime footage."

It's more likely the price drop was responsible for that surge, although the games they showed surely helped as well.

Blitzed3981d ago

I agree, the majority of the sales spike was obviously due to the price drop, but had the Killzone 2 footage not shown as well as it did, and came as close to the 2005 trailer as it did, it would have really hurt the PS3's crdibility. So, it had to help.

Rybnik3982d ago

Hey guys, I was on B3D forums and found this: I think its the most convincing CG to Realtime KZ2 comparison. (I KNOW that when we all compared Motorstorm pre-renders with in-game we were like uhh, no way, not quite there and of course KZ2 will look nothing like the pre-render) if only we could go back now with this evidence..check out these two screens. One from LGC the other from E3 2005.

Never before, have I seen something this close...It makes me think that perhaps not only will KZ2 be CGI quality, but also perhaps, FF 13, 8 Days, Getaway, and Wardevil. All these games we have seen footage that looks impossible, but after seeing the latest KZ build...

(Its Post #1099)

Maddens Raiders3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

Am I the only person on planet Earth that's not surprised about the intrigue and largesse of this game? Now I feel like a real "insider". =]

I mean when my buddies and I would "sneak" in online games right after work or would skip out from the office just to get a few bloody rounds of a Team DM in the *Park (called ParkHelL) or a good old assault at the Beach, we would always talk about what was "next" for KZ and quite frankly I expected nothing less than what I see today. And yes, MK, 'Nam was a good title but I played KZ (and still do) "until the tape popped" as Biggie Smallz would say.

Don't call it a comeback -- Guerilla's been here for years, except now -- they have MAJOR MAJOR tools to bring their vision to life and what a vision it is. Looks like a vision to get GOTY to me.

Foliage3981d ago

The problem is that most people who aren't fans of the original Killzone never played it. The game was a lot of fun. I'm sick of people who think they are experts who only rely on reviews and first impressions when judging a game. Get over yourselves.

Maddens Raiders3981d ago

Foliage. Your words echo my sentiment exactly. I've been saying for years that reviews are only as good as the people that want to believe them. Personally, I've ALWAYS been a person to buy games -- not rent them. I don't know -- I mean I know everyone is not this way but it's just the way I'm wired I guess.

Sometimes, admittedly, I'll pick up a stinker (Gundam: Crossfire) but I ususally pick up games that I end up playing all the way through just because I love to play games. If I would've listened only to the Gamespot reviews as a guage to purchase KILLZONE 1 -- I would've had a bad thought about it going in and most likely would have never bought the game. IMO reviews are intangible ways for the "reviewer" to exert power over the masses simply by the keystroke on a keyboard -sure some reviews are dead on and really good, but what about the ones that aren't? Who can you really trust? I can't rely solely on the opinion of a few men on Earth. My mind is not that weak.

tony3982d ago

the game really shines on graphics and animations, but i hope doesn't become repetitive. beautiful graphics doesn't necessarily means that this game will be the best that it could possibly be.

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