GC 2007 GT5: Prologue Cam Gameplay Walkthrough Pt. 2

An early look at the in-car camera new to this edition of the popular racing franchise. This includes audio commentary about the current state of the game and some of what is yet to be implemented.

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Rybnik4130d ago

This is really good. "The visuals inside the mirors still need to be improved" It is calming to hear the developer make these kinds of comments. It means they WILL be fixed!

MaximusPrime4130d ago

in car view of ferrari. wow.

the mirror does look abit dodgy but i dont always use mirrors. i use rear view to see whats behind.

CG4130d ago

But the A.I still suck, the A.I cars still look like there driving on rails... and the lack of damage still bugs me especailly when the guy spun off into a wall. GT5 may look realistic with nice graphics and the excellent in car view but underneath its so unrealistic.

mikeslemonade4130d ago

The demage is confirmed to be in GT5.

Gamer134129d ago

Nice incarview.

IM OUT...///"""

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The story is too old to be commented.