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Pandemic2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Awesome, the Playstation 3 is just getting better and better.

Lucreto2900d ago

only if you live in the UK.

Moentjers2900d ago

I'm sad it's getting worse where you live /s

vhero2901d ago

Netflix in US and Lovefilm in UK won't be long before there are other countries getting a similar service.

Hazmat132901d ago

LOL team america "America, fuck ya!". when will they make netflix disc-less does anybody know?

Godmars2902900d ago

Probably when they get permission to stream new movies.

LightSamus2901d ago

If it's anything like real LoveFilm and I can get unlimited rentals, it'll be brilliant.

tdrules2900d ago

You use your LoveFilm account with it derp

Lucreto2900d ago

Ireland gets left out again. We don't have a video store or iplayers.

Sheddi2900d ago

well buddy, Ireland is not the only country in Europe that has been left out ;) so has Sweden.

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